10 things I’ve learnt as a travel blogger

In four years or so of running this here little blog, I’ve learnt more than I could ever imagine. Tricks of the travel trade, my soul is afflicted with wanderlust and how caring the blogging community can be.

Travel Quotes inspiration Adventures of a London Kiwi

1.  I use far too many exclamation marks!

2.  My sense of geography is
utterly shocking, though I have developed a pigeon-esque sense of local
landmarks even in new cities.

3.  A good dose of common sense
often prevails and every penny saved for travel will enrich your life.

 Travel Quotes inspiration Adventures of a London Kiwi

4. Thank goodness for a childhood spent orienteering with a compass around primary school fields – we hated it and would try to get out of it in any way possible – but even with a smartphone compass I still sing “Never Eat Soggy Weetbix” and “Day has gone to rest, the sun is in the West” in my head trying to work out which way which is.
5. Read as many blogs as you can.
6. I’ll probably never know instinctively where Left and Right (directions usually consist of left & ‘oh, b*****ks, the OTHER left!) are and my sense of geography is utterly shocking (*cough* Spain is not in South America *cough*)

Travel Quotes inspiration Adventures of a London Kiwi

7. If it feels weird, get out.
8. Get lost. Seriously. Plan to wander a little off the map – you never know what you’ll discover.
9. Solo travel is fun. Forget the over-egged buzz word, and just feel the joy of independence as you discover a new city.
10. Travel via the medium of fork. Best way ever.
11. Pinterest rocks for travel secrets. (And I clearly can’t count…)

What have you learned?

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