Friday figments and photos – the globetrotting festive edition

The last month has been wonderful. Full of chaos, sunshine, excitement, watching the rain from a comfy seat, Christmas Jumpers, making friends with camels called Sheila, too much cake, skyscrapers, wild dolphins, champagne, cheese and crackers on the beach, a family wedding and so many more memories.

Tauranga Harbour Adventures of a London Kiwi

We skipped away to New Zealand (well, I say skipped, but it involved an 8-hour flight to Dubai, a 15-hour flight to Brisbane that should have been 13 which is bad enough, a much delayed 3.5 hour flight to Auckland and an urgent call over an airport tannoy which was pointlessly stressful) but upon landing it was worth every second.

Kiwi Christmas Adventures of a London Kiwi

Christmas ornaments + palm trees = necessary selfie

We began with brunch over glasses of New Zealand rose with London friends, as our delayed suitcases followed us a day behind from Australia (but it worked out better for us in the end & is a case in point – apologies for the pun – for taking at least one change of clothes and your favourite bathroom stuff as carry on) before we made our way to the New Zealand coast for some much anticipated family celebration.

This is New Zealand summer bliss. #VillaMaria #NewZealand #wine

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Greeted by gardens full of birdsong, a pool “for the kids”, a gigantic chiller for filling with bottles of plonk and cupboards full of our favourite treats, we left our shoes at the door and simply wandered barefoot for the next two weeks. Utter bliss.

Kiwi Christmas Adventures of a London Kiwi 

My lovely Englishman dug his first Hangi, exercised the rules of beer pong, braved the UV rays slathered in sticky sunscreen, impressed the family with his beer drinking skills and spent his first summer christmas in amused bewilderment.

I bang on a little about how much I adore hugs, I guess that’s the expat in me – they matter so much more when you decided to make another country home, and this year I have been ridiculously lucky in the quantity that I’ve had. 3 visits to the other side of the world in one year is crazy, so I’ve made the utmost of them whilst they were there.

It’s a hard knock life sometimes. (Not pictured are the kids splashing whilst I ‘lifeguarded’…) #summer #nzmustdo #family

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Whilst there we also managed to fit a couple of touristy visits – we watched wild baby dolphins frolicking, celebrated in the 2016 New Year along with the first city in the world and drifted on a cave boat under a canopy of glowworms. That is the joy of holidays – no place to be that your heart doesn’t desire, no alarm clocks except for early start fun and simply being able to switch off.

We ended our trip with a ridiculously good brunch, laughter with my Sister, soft jazz and a backwards glance towards the Skytower nestled in amongst rain clouds.

Coffee & Cheesecake “for the blog” says the husband/partner-in-crime. The things we do… #foodbloggers #foodpic #yum #potd #foodie #foodography #foodlover #foodstagram #foodphotography #instafood #delicious #foodgasm #onthetable #moodofmytable #coffeeyouneed #nz #NewZealand #nzmustdo #purenewzealand #kiwiland #kiwi_photos #newzealandfinds #coffee #coffeeoftheday #yummy #happy #food #foodporn #sweet

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Getting back from New Zealand we opted for a lengthy stopover in Dubai before returning to the arctic conditions of England in January (which I’ve spent mostly planning as many distractions as I can fit in) and a plentiful supply of piping hot tea.

I can’t wait to share more of our adventures – I took a quick strawpoll on the Twitter and instead of bombarding y’all with a barrage of adventures I’m going to share it over the next few weeks, so stay tuned…

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