Friday figments & photos: Aliens, eggs & cocktails.

I think too much.  I’ve always found that at the oddest of moments
random amusements and phrases will jumble through my head – as much as
as I’d really prefer them to settle. I think this is the joy (and impetus) I find in blogging, even all these years later.

Oh, and the brunch. (I had a discussion the other day about brunch vs. breakfast being based on a schedule ie. when it was eaten but I totally disagree. Breakfast is a derivative, generally taken quickly as fuel and alone with a cuppa. Brunch is a more luxurious state of mind, often with good company be it human or book. See, easy).

What are your thoughts? (Do you even care?)

Mmmm, Duck and Waffle.

Plus a sunset or two.

Well, there was rather a lot of brunch in my immediate past, just to test the theory you understand.

A few cocktails, some laser wielding-martians…

 …and the temptation to get a new little camera to play with.