Lessons I have learned over 1,000 blog posts

I can’t actually believe I’m writing this. If someone had told me in June 2012 that years later I would be still typing away at my little corner of the internet, I would have laughed. In their face.

Setting myself a goal of daily blogging for 1001 days seemed foolhardy to a girl who can only just commit to reading a full book (and usually cheats on it with at least one, maybe two other novels along the way) and struggles to watch a whole movie without wandering off. Bizarrely enough I managed it (at the rate of 6 posts a week) and at the end of the challenge still enjoyed blogging enough to continue on.

Lessons I've learned from blogging

Furthermore, somehow all this time down the track Adventures of a London Kiwi is something I am immensely proud of.

Along the road I’ve learned a few life lessons, many of them the hard way.

> You have to blog for YOU. It’s YOUR journey, YOUR view of the world and YOUR loves that will keep you loving blogging.

> It doesn’t matter what everyone else does.

> Bloggers are some of the kindest, best fun, most mischevious people I’ve ever met.

> You’ll develop the most incredible skills. Photography, creativity, problem solving, confidence, the power in a written word, html coding, social media tactics,

> Blog guilt is a thing.

> Lists are almost as addictive as blogging.

> ‘Things’ is a word you will overuse even through you hate it.

> Not every blog will be your favourite – some just won’t fit your square. And that’s ok.

> There are no shortcuts, and if you don’t share your passion it will show.

> Your blog will attract some strange old keywords.

> The world will never look the same again.

> The topics/images/tweets/ you think might amuse people as you put them out into the www world won’t, and the ones you dash off will.

> Bloggers are slightly nuts. In the best kind of way.

> Just say yes. What is the worst that can happen?

> Go with the inspiration muse when it strikes (and it will strike in random places, often last thing at night or in very inconvenient places. I highly recommend emailing ideas or making notes in a smartphone app for later.)

> Blogging is hard work and spelling/grammar is complicated.

> Sometimes you’ll hate blogging. But mostly it’s an addiction that’s hard to give up whilst realising that not every post will be perfect. Actually, most won’t.

> You will find yourself narrating every day life & travel escapades inside your head.

>  Blogging WILL take you amazing places.

> Editing a post is hard. So hard.

> Remember to enjoy the ride.

> There are so many real world effects your blog will have on your life, it is worth every second of love that you pour into it.

How about you?

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