10 life lessons Instagram has taught me

Ok, ok, that’s a little misleading really. Maybe instead the title should read ‘People who I stalk occasionally via the pictorial medium of instagram especially when I’m blue or have 5 minutes to spare’. Or perhaps ‘Friends who inspire me with envy‘. Maybe even ‘How to find beauty everywhere at the click of a smartphone.’ (Definitely another of the #travelbloggerproblems – in the theme of this month’s linkup)

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I just wish this little roundup could be 1,000 people (but that might just give everyone RSI), each and every ‘grammer who puts a smile on my miserly grimace. In the meantime, how about some of my favourite people whose instagrams have me returning again and again to revel in forever captured moments of joy?

I have learned a thing or two along the way though. Coffee has to be pretty – it’s often the mark of a skilled brew, never be ashamed to whip out your camera and if it doesn’t get photographed, it never happened.

1. You shouldn’t jokingly threaten to push friends into a small river, no matter how easy going they are.

Meet Daphne, one of three furry friends we made this morning. (There is a strong chance you’ll find her doppelgänger Fifi lying under the radiator in reception.) We spent the morning touring the estate and gardens of @thyme.england with its inspiring and inventive founder Caryn. To say we came away with life envy and a love for chickens is an understatement… #smith24 #TakeThyme

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2. “Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Winter…spring…winter…spring… Can we get a little consistency here, Britain? That warm, no-seasons-at-all climate in Singapore keeps looking better and better. 😉

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(Unless of course you read the chocolate tray lid, but that is perhaps
a thought for another day.)

3. If in doubt, cake.

When in Belem…I bought 6 for G but unfortunately these little pieces of Portuguese heaven aren’t gluten free…and yes I put my grubby hands all over his present so I could photograph them! #kellytravelseurope

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If it’s a really bad day, board a flight to Lisbon and snack on pasteis de nata fresh from the oven.

4. Never be anything but yourself.

On the blog today I introduce Percival and Stan, the birds that nest in my hair.

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5. Good things often come in 3s, including the photographic
rule of thirds – but sometimes you just have to throw out the rule

3 years ago I moved to the UK, and even though I’m used by now to cycling ‘on the other side’ of the road, nobody ever had the courage to give me the keys to a car. But there’s a first time for everything! So we’re doing a little roadtrip today to visit ‘the hill’ (a.k.a. Gold Hill) in Shaftesbury… and I’m driving 🙈. Current status: Gold Hill ✔️ and passengers and car still alive.

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6. Relax, just do it.

Working from home mornings are infinitely more comfortable!

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I’m not the only lover of novelty socks, tea in bed and
cosying up with a good book. Whew!

7.  Sometimes you just
need a little space to think, especially when life is a little crazy.

Blooming blossoms 🌸

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8. Escape to the country.

Beatrix Potter’s house where she wrote all her books. Worth a visit it’s so cute! #lakedistrict #travelgram #englandadventures #wanderlust #abmtravel #england

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This is a legit quiver in my coping bow.

9. If all else fails in your day, grab a glass of something
cheeky and celebrate everything that is good in your world.

Podere Campriano a small but perfectly formed vineyard in Chianti

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10. I always, always want to take the time to appreciate the clouds. YOLO and all that.

I never want to be the kind of person who neglects to watch the sunset. #LoveLondon #Sunset #sunrise #silhouette #LondonPop #chasing_facades #happyplace #rainbow #horizon #unicorns #beautifuldestinations #LoveTheWorld #BBCBritain #traveldudes #traveltv #LiveTravelChannel #TravelAwesome #huffpostgram #lovegreatbritain #home #commuterlife

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Shameless self-promotion there, sorry chaps.

So, who are your favourite instagrammers – handles below please?

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