Thoughts on a small island and a touch of brexit

Yesterday could have been one of the most momentous moments in history that I will ever personally experience. Then again, with usual British spirit, it could simply hearken a new chapter in the story of a mighty nation that has weathered so many other incredible changes.

Thoughts on a small island #brexit

Thoughts on a small island #brexit

We can’t get away from the confusion and uncertainty pealing across every kind of media in the UK, the news has spread across the four corners of the globe and has been discussed over every water cooler and tea point in the 4 countries it directly affects.

But, this is democracy in action. We are lucky to be able to have these choices.

Thoughts on a small island #brexit Thoughts on a small island #brexit

It is impossible to detract from the events unfolding in front of us without completely turning a blind eye to the world. As a foreigner who puts words on a screen, it’s hard to elucidate the emotions that are running riot. What if… What if…

After the initial excitement, exchanges of tie-clad business people will begin to hammer out treatsies and agreements which will outline the relationship the UK has not only outside the current borders, but inside the four countries of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Thoughts on a small island #brexit

There are already petitions springing up to challenge the vote taken by the entire nation, that will have to be debated in the Houses of Parliament on how to move the countries forward.

This is democracy in action.

Thoughts on a small island #brexit Thoughts on a small island #brexit

It is scary, crazy and also fascinating.

What will happen? The sun will rise on a brand new day and we will greet the dawn with new eyes and a new place in the world.

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