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I do adore the internet, most of the time, but ever more so when I wander into the search terms use to find my blog. Public feedback – aka Twitter – indicates that London Kiwi Emma (ala my social media handle) is the most common method (and incidentally how I’m saved into a lot of cell phones…who needs a surname with the advent of Twitter?)

The interweb gurus say that SEO runs the internet, but I still find in an intriguing black ar full of chicanery, a thesaurus black hole and a sprinkle of voodoo.
And that’s possibly why some of the more interesting keyword searches lead people to Adventures of a London Kiwi…

Butterbeer from scratch recipe Still my most popular post. Still.

London cheesecake Weirdly my 3rd most popular post, this keeps popping up with random comments every so often. People clearly have a thing for icing & coconut topped pastry unique to London

Best hot dogs ever Oh yeah, I remember this day – it was pouring with rain and still we traipsed all the way to a North Greenwich industrial estate with the sole intention of eating hot dogs at FatBoy’s Diner. And it was worth it.

101 in 1001 list This entry makes me proudest…

18 and slippered Um? All I can say is sorry, this isn’t that kind of blog.

Anne Frank Museum There are a few good tips in here that we discovered.

Best Roadtrip Scotland Owing entirely to the best roadtrip we’ve ever taken yet, this one makes me happy – Where to go in Scotland – the best road trip ever it’s a keyword goldmine somehow.

What do you buy for someone that has everything I still have no idea…

Hot Frogs I hope, hope hope this is a typo and not some weird subset of human depravity. (I feel like I should spell the word depravity out D-E-P-R-A-V-I-T-Y like when you are talking around kids, in case it hits up on search engines again…)

Travellinkup No, this is the one I’m proudest of.

As testament to how this little space is travelling along with my penchant for amusements it’s so interesting to see how this snapshot has changed – I had a brief nose in January 2016 where it was all manner of animals and quirky architecture and more romantic somehow in July 2014. Where do the years go!?

Bloggers, what is your strangest search term?

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