Figments and photos: September slumber

First of all, celebrate with me that I’ve actually managed to draft two of these in a row. TWO! In a Row!

Once you’ve finished your dancing – jazz fingers encouraged – is the anti-climax of a delicious quiet week. An article came out a couple of years ago with the confession of office workers who feel like they have to make up exciting weekend happenings to cloud the truth that they actually spent a weekend in their pyjamas.

Well, I spent Friday night in, had my Saturday plans postponed before losing said day to the lure of the TV (seriously Once Upon A Time, how have I lost so many hours to you – I always put one episode on and lose an entire day) but it was one of those occasions where you inwardly fist pump at the thought of not getting dressed, and then caught up on news from home Saturday night. Sunday evening the delicious Becky and I had a London double date with our instagram long-suffering husbands, where we had a traditionally British night of pints and curry, and a lot of laughter.

The rest of this week has been deliciously restful with a touch of background bloggery stuff (DISCLAIMER: Not an obscure tantalizing hint) and a spell hiding in air conditioning from the hottest September temps since 1911. Sometimes you just have to recharge.

I’ve lost the ability to sit and watch TV for long stretches time, really struggling to sit still (except in the case above) so it was with really unusual relish that we spent a little time zonked, catching up on Cold Feet, watching the horror of Great British Bake Off being butchered sold (whilst I celebrate the stand being taken by the hosts – it truly wouldn’t be #GBBO without them and their innuendos – the cynic in me does quietly wonder if it’s a longterm negotiating tactic of the presenters somehow?*) and the Twitter meltdown as a result was something unreal.

But hey, real life isn’t all London high-life and occasionally one’s liver needs a chance to chill. Keeping up with the Jonese has never been my thing.

I did however share some scrumptious Turkish mucver and baklava recently with the lovely Amanda & her husband(!), plus fitted in a lunchdate with the gorgeous Dee from Deecoded a blogger whose blog inspired me all those years ago. I’ve literally been reading her life for 4 years+ so it was good to put a smile to the words I’ve read for so long whilst she was in my adopted city.

*Also, is it grammatically correct to have dashes inside brackets? Does anyone really care?

How about you? Does any one else find the less you do, the more tired you get?