20 amazing experiences in my 20’s

Sometimes I feel like I’ve already lived several lifetimes.
One in the perceived idylls of suburban New Zealand, one as a student carefree
and dancing with firepoi, another as an expat in an unfamiliar country and lately understanding that I’ll never quite understand but with a smile on my face I’ll make good of it (and explain that despite the English accent I’m not of this country…)

20 amazing experiences in my 20's Adventures of a London Kiwi

One of the best decisions I ever made was the terrifying choice to fly to the other side of the world on my own and see where my feet led me. At the time naively it didn’t seem so scary – I had a return ticket for one year’s time, accommodation arranged for 2 weeks, £20 in cash and a Lonely Travel book. Totes simple right?

It was before the days of everything being accessed immediately in the internet and luckily it worked out pretty well. A decade later here I am, ensconced, happy and a little wiser than I ever dreamed possible. I’ve also learned that I’ll always be different, I’m more accepting of who I am, less caring of what other people think and been lucky enough to discover some wonderful people whose opinions I do value. Most of the time.

20 amazing experiences in my 20's Adventures of a London Kiwi

I don’t have many regrets, and if I can manage another decade like that I think I’ll be doing ok. Fingers crossed. When Sarah @ Big World Small Me wrote her 20 amazing experiences in her 20’s I knew I had to get on that blogging bandwagon.

It’s been a pretty good decade.

20 amazing experiences in my 20's Adventures of a London Kiwi

In no particular order;

1. Holding my nephew in my arms for the first time
Not to mention the heart eyes when my brother held his son’s tiny hand in his (and the consternation when my brother realised I draw the line at Aunty duties when it comes to nappy changing…)

2. Herding Sheep across London Bridge
Our day dawned bright and sunny (in direct contrast to the vast rain
clouds the afternoon before) and I flourished our official letter
outside the entrance of the Worshipful Company of Woolmen’s hall, to be
allowed into the pens and runs lining London Bridge. 

3. Afternoon Tea at the Queen’s Garden Party
Our day dawned clear and bright, the sun high and the clouds cotton
soft. We arrived at the main gates nice and early, tourists peering at
us as we excitedly queued, adjusting hats and taking the odd (“holy heck
we’re going to hang with the Queen”) selfie.

4. Japanese sunset over Mount Fuji
In front of us cloaked in Winter splendour, Mount Fuji. Her peak mostly
bare of clouds we took several long moments to simply breathe in the
auspicious and rare sight.

5. Travelling to the Arctic and seeing the Northern Lights

We only had to stare into the clear pinpricks of the Milky Way, spread
across the night sky in a haze of primordial luminescence, whilst our
tour mates clanked about with torches and cameras attempting to capture
the faint Aurora Borealis in rolling hazy streams over our heads. You
know, those moments.

20 amazing experiences in my 20's Adventures of a London Kiwi

6. Afternoon tea at Claridges
“Set in the splendour of Thierry Despont’s magnificent Foyer, inspired
by the 1930s’ heyday of art deco” the surrounds are beautiful, and
nothing quite beats the soft tinkle of tea cups, soft jazz and tea
chatter of an afternoon.

7. Driving through a mini-monsoon to visit NASA (Cape Kennedy/Canaveral) and Disney
We happened to be there for the first Tropical Storm of their rainy
season (which gave birth to 8 mini-tornadoes), and driving back from
NASA (Cape Kennedy/Canaveral) we were caught in the most insane rain
storm. It was so intense I could only see the road markings because my
lights were reflecting off them.

8. Attended the ballet & opera
With rich costuming, subtle but
evocative sets and the incredible grace of ballerinas moving through the
round stage with ease, aside from a few cheeky comments about the
beauty of muscled men in leotards, we sat in stunned silence whilst Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake score wove a spell around us.

By the end of the dramatic love and loss story-lines, sweeping vocal
aerobatics and the beautiful counterpoint of a live orchestra at Puccini’s La Boheme, I knew we
had made the right choice. As a teenage orchestra geek (I played the
Double Bass but lacked any kind of rhythm, and sung in choirs but
suffered from acute stage-fright) I’ve always been aware of the power of
music, but hadn’t any idea how much the orchestral scoring and haunting
duets playing out before us could really touch your soul. Once we were
settled into the style, we simply lost ourselves in the magic of live

9. Hearing the Santa Monica Boulevard song and being able to yell “I’ve been there!!”
Without a single cloud in the sky, a soft breeze and perfect temperatures of 25°C
we meandered through the town to the beachfront pier. Shoes full of
sand, we walked the length of Santa Monica pier from one live band
tucked in a nook, to the next, listening to them jam. We heard covers of
The Beatles, acoustic versions of Led Zeppelin anthems and love songs. 

10. Road tripping through the Scottish Highlands
We discovered azure skies bathing in still lochs, fairy cairns balancing on
cliffsides, mist draped mountain shoulders, and more castles than imaginable (which is the best problem in the world).

20 amazing experiences in my 20's Adventures of a London Kiwi

11. Ridden a Camel & watched the sun rise over sanddunes
Our hosts for the night quietly left the bedouin camp, one or two
slipping into in a nearby tent for company, leaving us to the silence of
the desert. The quiet deepened* as our camp mates drifted off to sleep
and the stars began to shimmer.

12. Heard the haunting call to prayer in a mosque
As we turned the last motorway corner, I almost lifted out
of my seat. Against the cloudless blue sky, curving white domes rose to meet
us, towers stretched along the pavement, and gilded columns lined reflective

13. Slipped to New Zealand 3x in a single year and photographed a family wedding
Can’t really get much more insane than that. Can it?

14. Popped over to Paris for lunch
One cool November Wednesday, at 7.30am instead of being smooshed on a
commuter train and undecided as to what to have for breakfast at my
desk, I met my fellow conspirators and decided what coffee and
croissants to breakfast upon whilst travelling at great speed towards
France. A much better dilemma.

15. Almost swimming with wild dolphins in New Zealand
Honestly, I could almost just write this post as ‘wild baby dolphins’ ad
finitum. Wild baby dolphins, wild baby dolphins, wild baby dolphins,
wild baby dolphins, wild baby dolphins, wild baby dolphins, wild baby
dolphins, wild baby dolphins, wild baby dolphins, wild baby dolphins,
wild baby dolphins. There, got it out of my system. Wild baby dolphins.
Ok, now I have.

20 amazing experiences in my 20's Adventures of a London Kiwi

16. Kissed the Blarney Stone
Dangling over a castle parapet isn’t usually my idea of a good time, but
sometimes I’ve learned that you have to push the boundaries of normal
life in order to experience the world properly…

17. Slept in a French Chateau
We wove our way through the streets of Bordeaux,
beginning in the Medieval Quarter all carved in butter stone, glimpsed
occasional hard modern buildings which turned to suburban homes before
giving way to rolling fields of blooming crops. As we turned the corner
onto our destination, I excitedly clutched the boy as fields of
vineyards heavy with grapes came into view, cart horses grazed
contentedly and the crenelated Chateau Pape Clement appeared – our home
for the night.

18. Been invited to review restaurants in the iconic Harrods
Three times now I’ve made my way through the beautifully luxurious rooms of the infamous department
store, camera ready to enjoy the cuisine. Three times!?

19. Hugged my teenage idol

20 amazing experiences in my 20's Adventures of a London Kiwi

20. Been able to experience so much, and meet so many wonderful people that I couldn’t even have imagined including my partner-in-crime.

I have been so lucky. Cheers to the next chapter.

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