A Christmas corner of London: Oxford Street and Picadilly Circus

I usually avoid Oxford Street and Picadilly Circus as much as possible, preferring to duck along the lesser visited lanes that run alongside the main thoroughfares the times I absolutely have to brave the area.

The one month where I make an exception is December.

It would be impossible to talk about London at Christmas without mentioning the shopping heart of my favourite city. Commercial greed and the chaos of thousands of visitors aside, each corner you turn is another festively trimmed doorway of cheer.

Fresh from our sojourn through a Kris Kringle draped Chelsea, we hightailed our way along the Piccadilly Line.

With no plans other than pressing our noses to the beautifully dressed windows and stopping for a swift coffee, we waited for twilight to fall.

We adore comparing and contrasting the Christmas lights strung across
each main London shopping street and usually apply a rating system of
between 1 and 5 (fairy-light) stars. It’s definitely an excuse to press
my nose to the beautifully ornate department store windows – Fortnum
& Mason, Selfridges, many along Regents Street, Trafalgar Square
and Oxford Street; but also many of the lesser known.

We also cherish the excuse to clutch cups full of festive cheer and arrange to catch up with our nearest and dearest. Our stockings are hung by the (London equivalent) of a chimney with care, the pantry is bursting with treats and I’m already looking forward to detoxing in January.

Ahhhh, Christmas in London.

What’s your favourite area?

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