Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

As per self-instigated tradition, I spend the last post of the year reminiscing. 2016 has been incredible and sad. A serious amount of exploring, more hugs than I ever want to count, tabled laughter, a burgeoning full blown coffee addiction, many escapades both in the UK and overseas to countries I will never be able to properly spell, a few heartbreaking incidents, discovering new nooks and generally trying to live life to the full.

And, as you read this, New Zealand will shortly be counting down & embracing the new year. We’ll be getting ready in the UK to watch the sun set on an incredible 2016 and we’ll be (probably, ok maybe) watching the sunrise over the horizon of 2017.

Traditionally each year I like to finish with a little roundup of the year that was. I think we’ll play with the top 16 this time (I did the top 15 last year, 14 in 201413 in 2013, and 12 in 2012… see where I’m going with this?) the spirit and phrasing doesn’t change but the chaos definitely does.

The first four are chosen by you, my lovely readers, and always include a few surprises…

A 72-hour city break in Vienna, Austria 

The best luxury London brunches (that I’ve tried so far…)

10 London day trips – last-minute and no car required

Our favourite places to eat in Budapest


…a bevy of my personal favourites…

The 10 best castles in the world (IMHO) 

 A long weekend of celebrations in Scarborough

(Almost) Swimming with Wild dolphins in Tauranga, New Zealand

15 of the best London Brunches for under £15 

… a few extra surprises that the year held… 

5 lessons learnt as a travel addict

Chai Wu, luxury Chinese cuisine in Harrods 

Beltane Summer Festival at Butser Ancient Farm Hampshire 

My 13 best London dishes 2016

…and a touch of expat thoughts & inspiration to keep in mind.

Home, and a few expat musings.

10 reasons YOU should Blog (and why I love mine)

15 more secrets of London that the tourist crowds miss

Long-haul flight survival tips 

Thank you. Thank you for sticking around and have a wonderful New Year! May it be full of joy and beautiful coffee.

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