Hello, it’s me. That @londonkiwiemma lady.

Hello there, Kia Ora! Thank you for visiting Adventures of a London Kiwi, and welcome. Grab a cup of tea or a flat white (depending on your country of origin), sit yourself down, and settle back. It felt like time for a mini-refresh whilst the world is changing and with an influx of new readers in the last few months, a reminder chat about the things that fire my writing passions seemed apt. New Year, New Me, right? More like New Year, Same Old Me With A Slightly Worse Rambling Habit, but what can you do.

Hi. Lovely to e-hang with you. *awkward half hug and air-kiss on each cheek*

Travel and Food Blog Adventures of a London Kiwi

name is Emma (aka London Kiwi Emma as I seem to have become known), and
this is my personal travel experience and culinary adventures blog where I share my escapades as
a long term expat, living in one of my favourite cities in the world.
Though you probably won’t tell from my developing English accent, I
originate from New Zealand, also known as Aoteoroa, hobbitland or Land
of the Long White Cloud. Us New Zealanders are known around the globe as ‘Kiwis’;
not necessarily the small furry brown fruit, but named after a small
flightless bird who lives in our forests.

Travel and Food Blog Adventures of a London Kiwi
was asked a while back what my hobbies were, which stopped me in my
tracks. “Why, travel of course.” Puzzled at the answer, they retorted
with “Ok, but what else?” and that’s when I realised just how thoroughly
wanderlust has taken over my life. My passion for traipsing takes many
forms – from the simple beauty of learning about new cultures with a
fork in hand, spanning all the way to clocking up around 100,000 flight
miles one year (blame 3 separate return trips to New Zealand in 2015). Oops.

posts on my corner of the internet are decidedly like my life in
London, a mixture of local adventure, exotic travel experiences, foodie
fun, expat musings, a taste or two of the finer side of life and
co-hosting a monthly travel linkup which has somehow generated 1,000+ posts around the globe.

exploring, margaritas, perma-tourism (finding tourist-like delight in a
permanent home), photography, reading, brunching, laughing, the All
Blacks – but football is cool by me, architecture, chocolate, twitter
chats, dabbling in a touch of geekery, history and the secrets behind
old doors.

Dislikes: Black liquorice, icy
pavements, being photographed (ironic, I know), sitting still, over done
steak, bad service, Martinis, queue-jumping, offal, awkward social
greetings and kale.

As with most expats, I only intended to travel for a couple of years to explore the UK and Europe. But,
when I moved to London over a decade ago, I accidentally fell in love
with my adopted city, not to mention my Englishman usually known as “Mr
Kiwi”, and the small Tabby cat who rules our home with an iron paw.

Travel and Food Blog Adventures of a London KiwiI’ve been blogging at Adventures of a London Kiwi since 2012,
when having decided that we had unconsciously lapsed into a
commute/work/home complacency, we weren’t exploring our surrounds to the full potential.
I enjoy sharing everything that I’m passionate about here in my corner
of t’internet, and have connected with some fantastic people who share
my enjoyment for the quirkier side of life.

straight talking, fun-loving and a well balanced dork (although I do
manage to hide it most of the time, kind of like Bruce Wayne has his Bat
powers). When not planning our next adventures, I can usually be found lurking in London bruncheries both every weekend and often with a touch of luxury, pounding cobbled pavements, sipping champagne over afternoon tea and floating down London canals.


love working with brands but I only share places and products relevant
to my readers, who share my enthusiasm for the special experiences of life and and topics that I’m passionate about. I review candidly and
honestly unaffected by origin, and any items sent or invites issued are
clearly identified within the post. Featuring my original writing, I will happily consider collaborating on sponsored or commissioned travel and lifestyle posts (click link for examples) all of which include my own unique photography and (hopefully) a bit of humour.


So, there it is. My manifesto for the adventures
yet to come this year and well into the next. It’s been lovely chatting
(if a little one-sided) and I can’t wait to get to know y’all a little
better. Say hi below, pop me a line via email adventuresofalondonkiwi {at} gmail .com or say hello via Twitter, Google+Facebook – and if you’re not quite ready to commit that much, just follow the fun via Bloglovin’.