My 2017 New Year’s Resolutions

The start of the year. The gyms are rammed with bunnies, stores are heaped with leafy vegetables, counters are stuffed with elixirs promising to make everyone skinny and half of the smoking population are walking around with grimaces whilst subtly getting a whiff of the hard stuff. Inspiring masterclasses are being staged to help you emerge into 2017 like a zen butterfly casting off all the bad habits of a lifetime, the shops are trying to convince you that you need to by half priced Christmas gift sets and the office biscuit tin is suspiciously empty – especially considering no-one will go near it.

No, I’m only kidding – there isn’t anything wrong with starting the year with a fresh face and a positive ‘tude to make this year the best ever. It’s why we love our travel linkup to begin with dreams & wish lists for the year ahead – not only are we inspired by some amazing destinations but love discovering a few of the stories we may have missed.

Unfortunately I definitely broke several, if not all of my 2016 resolutions (so much for being publicly culpable) including the very domestic thou shalt not use the laundry hamper lid as a shelf – though I’m proud of lasting at least the month of January with that one. The team at CheapFlights commissioned me, wanting to suggest a few exotic destinations to break my New Year’s resolutions in (they clearly know me too well).

But first, to set a few resolutions.

1. Make sure I leave the house with enough phone and camera battery charge to last the day. The WHOLE day.
It’s such a simple thing, and yet my social media addictions usually find me leaving the house with 42% and the taste of regret. Luckily I usually have a charger in my handbag (meaning an afternoon staring like a crazy lady at cafe shop walls for a plug) or a spare charged battery but y’know life really could do with a little less unnecessary stress. I feel like this could be the hardest by far.

2. Be brave.

I’m always keen to improve on this and still I find myself quavering at the knees.

3. Eat more vegetables.

I think much like having small children, I just need to learn to trick myself. I actually adore vegetables – roasted aubergine drizzled with a balsamic reduction, garlic smeared everything, fresh crisp green peppers and the snap of an unexpected sweetcornkernel – but find that they just aren’t enough on their own as a meal which really is how to eat them in a healthy manner. Bring back salad weather!

4. Buy more shoes.

Well yeah, no explanation needed right? I hate the darn things.

5. Stop procrastinating and be tidier.

If the Olympics had a sport in procrastination, I would be the gold med… no probably the silver…ooooh actually maybe the bronze medal winner – if I ever got around to it! My friends all think I’m organised because I like arranging fun things, but when it comes to the more mundane things like Dentists appointments, well, yeah.

6. Thou shalt not covet but be content and appreciative.
Generally I’m very happy as karma has been very, very kind to me BUT we all have those moments where you forget all of the hard work that often goes on behind the scenes to achieve amazing moments of fun and simply *sigh* with envy. Instagram, here’s looking at you kid.

7. Not disappear down the black hole of Youtube.

It always begins innocently enough, something interesting catches my eye and before I know it, it’s 6 hours later and I’m watching an entire season of Graham Norton shows again.

8. One shall continue to unsubscribe from SPAM email newsletters.

They are never ending. I still simply cannot believe how much rubbish makes it into my email inbox on a daily basis. The slew has lessened a little with the judicious use of an email address purely for junk but still it never seems to end!

9. Goals will be reasonable and exciting.

10. Be content and appreciative.

Not forgetting to say thank you. Those two little words mean so much and take such little breath.

What are your resolutions this year?

Cheapflights kindly sponsored this post (interspersed with my own Munich photos as one of their recommended places to break New Year’s resolutions which I definitely second) in order to keep our wanderlust strong and the travel fund topped up for future fun and blog posts coming your way.

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