Travel memory wishlists and plans for 2017 – January #Travellinkup

Really, the only difference between the 31st of December and the 1st of January is only a ticking movement of a clock’s second hand and the boom of explosives lighting up the air but it feels so poignant, so heavy with expectation that we all feel the need to mark it some way, as if we will be new people as soon as that hand judders to a stop.

Happy New Year! It’s the next year of our lives. Let’s make it memorable!

The boy and I have never really all out celebrated New Years – we don’t fancy shelling out extra for overhyped, packed bars heaving with merrymakers, we don’t really set resolutions and we have occasionally just gone to bed early or lost ourselves in a movie overlapping the years.

One year we braved the London Embankment for the most incredible firework display, last year we picked an excellent spot on the Auckland waterfront (I’m always so weirdly proud that New Zealand sees the new year in so early and always message my friends at home to check there haven’t been any bad portents we need warning of) and have enjoyed a fair few house parties over the years where corks pop and glasses clink.

But why all the blather about this year? I think because it could hold some rather exciting possibilities *insert cliched vagarity here*. It could also just be a normal year that we live as best we can without managing to throw ominous shade on 12 fresh months of prospective promise.

Also, does anyone else wake up sometimes at 2am and write weirdly introspective posts about the end of a year? No? Ok, cool.

Anywho, this month’s January Travel Linkup as per tradition is all about wishlists and plans for the year of adventures ahead (and perhaps even a few of our favorite 2016 travels). If I’m being 100% honest, I want to travel absolutely everywhere – but that’s nothing new. Angie and I are also welcoming the delicious Polly as a permanent co-host – with a bevy of co-hosts as the year unfolds.

In 2017 I fancy exploring:

So much more of London 




Revisit Paris

Cornwall (we just ran out of time last year and the years before)


…and so, so many more.

Knowing me, we’ll end up in a few completely different places – but you never know! Where are you dreaming about?

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