Claiming my travel dreams

As a typical millennial – in fact even worse, one from the antipodean shores of New Zealand – we’ve been taught by our baby boomer parents that everything we dream is possible. But then why shouldn’t we have careers that span our passions? Why shouldn’t we aspire to be the best people we can be and live the lives that we dream about?

 …Skipping around the beautiful isle of Skye

But, there is a catch. There always is. You have to be willing to work for it and hope that you get a couple of lucky breaks along the way.

As a girl from an island nation on the other side of the world I never dreamt it possible to travel as much as we do. I seem to have developed the fey spirit of a gypsy (and a scarf collection that Esmeralda would envy) that also adores the comforts of home including her hot water bottle and a particularly green-eyed Tabby cat.

Herding Sheep over London Bridge

Maybe it always was there. I used to travel as a kid, but through books. I used to haul armfuls of tale filled tomes from the local library simply turning the page to my escape route from my own thoughts and small town life around us.

One day when I was settling down to study, it occurred to me that I could be simultaneously living my dream of exploring the world and learning about the stories buried deep within ancient walls. That, and a friend’s inspiring wall of travel photos is precisely how I came to be living on the other side of the world.

(Almost) Swimming with wild dolphins in New Zealand

Now I have the bittersweet joy of browsing the billion emails sent to me
by companies touting their specialty in trade and think ‘ooooh, that
sounds fun, how can I sneak that into the calendar?’ Over the years I’ve written a couple of savings posts (usually
sponsored by companies who don’t mind adding to said travel fund) with
promising titles such as ‘how to save for your next big holiday’ and ‘how to travel cheaply OUT of London (aka shoehorn more adventures into a London budget’

Or, I guess we could just sit down and watch another episode on TV, throw shade at the exciting lives our “friends” are living and shop for all those latest fashions that are thrown away in a couple of months.

So again, this isn’t really so much of a ‘how to’ post despite the click bait post title – all I can ever do is share a tiny scrap of how I manage to wedge my passions into life.

How do you do it?

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