Confessions of a guilty blogger

Dear Blog,

Unfortunately you have created a monster – I’ve been too busy adventuring to sit down and write proper accounts of what I’ve been up to for ages.

It’s definitely a case of me, not you. I’ve missed word wrangling, thinking up crazy thoughts and arranging photographs so much that I’ve started dreaming that I’ve been sat at my laptop.

Luckily, in the meantime I’ve been enjoying cuddles with my nephews (one of whom is newborn), fabulous dinners with a few of my favourite bloggers around the globe and a bevy of escapades are happening out in a few different countries, so watch this space. (Or my Instagram.) And I’ve been doing a fair amount of freelance work behind the scenes.

I really have missed you – and have collected a sleeve full of memories and recommendations that are too good not to be shared.


Ps. I couldn’t not mention my heartbreak with the events at Manchester, some of the reason for being so offline and making sure I spend good quality time with my family.

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