5 things I miss whilst travelling

Travelling is awesome. And challenging, and frustrating, and joyful and educational.

But most people don’t focus on the darker side of having a travel addiction.

Security queues, remembering to check if visas are necessary, delays, bad coffee, getting lost, occasional arguments, disappointing breakfasts, tourists (seriously, I swear that the minute some people board a plane they lose all kinds of patience), when expectations don’t live up to your dreams… all the things. And there are a few items that I miss whilst I’m gadding about the world…

My pillow. 
You know, that perfect indentation and weight – many hotel pillows try their best, but over the years nothing ever quite matches up to the joy of my own pillow. Where I can, I actually take my pillow with me in our suitcase (especially on staycations – hauling a heavy suitcase up a flight of stairs is worth every ounce of effort once we snuggle up in the evenings).

This face. 
More often than not, I have my other half with me, but our little fur face is snoozing at home and chasing mice in her dreams. We know a holiday isn’t going well by how often we ask each other ‘what do you think Biscuit is doing right now?’ Yes, it’s sad.

We always have music playing at home – the genre always depending on our mood, the memories we have been reminiscing about (such as talking the other day about our Texas/Louisiana roadtrip) or the ear worms that wriggle into our consciousnesses. Over the years we’ve learned a few coping strategies though – taking a iPod and plugging it into the hotel TV, using YouTube and bluetooth to connect to the alarm clock or researching radio stations for long car journeys.

Knowing who sells the very best coffee.
This can be a bit hit and miss just using Googlemap search functions, but it’s getting better with the advent of travel blogger recommendations. Cheeky concierge recommendations can also be really handy.

A full wardrobe of options.
I’m not a fashionista at all, but even I get frustrated at having a limited selection of what to wear whilst living out of a suitcase – and I almost always manage to pack just the wrong outfits for our trips. Going on holiday makes me think that I can dress creatively – and then regret not just packing multiple pairs of jeans and tops, with a couple of dresses for dinner.

These are all utterly first world problems obviously (unless you have to travel for work), but how about you – what do you miss?

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