So, as a social media consultant, what do you do for work now?

I have had a fair few questions from friends and family about what my business is actually doing, so I thought I’d clarify a little. (Ignore the slightly shameless plug, unless of course you are running a small business that needs a helping hand making your social media accounts the best they can be – in which case, have a look at my website, and contact me for a free consultation.)

Effectively there are two strands to the business; social media management and content/article writing. (I occasionally do a little PR problem solving and outreach, but on a very ad hoc basis.)

What is social media? It is a group of websites and applications that were originally invented as a bit of fun online networking, but now have developed into a global form of pretty well instant marketing and communication that has taken the world by storm. Businesses are now using these platforms as a tool to share with the world.

With 10,000 genuine followers across my social media platforms, working with luxury brands around the world as a press partner and with over 100,000 monthly views on most of my social media platforms, I have learned a bit of wisdom over the 5 years I have been blogging.

Enough to have the confidence to advise brands and launch my own business. With several of my clients already, I have doubled and trebled their engagement, even in the short time I have been working with them. (I feel like this is the hardest part, sharing my skills in a non-boastful manner!)

Today was of those lazy, sunshine filled days where I took my mobile office out into the garden. Along with a couple of my favourite home treats. When in Rome and all that… which leads me nicely to the #travellinkup topic that went live today – home! See the posts up on the blogs of myself and my co-hosts @kiwifootprints @angiesilverspoon @polbag to get involved! . . . #expat #home #expats #Wanderfolk #EverydayWhimsy #ExploreEverything #TheArtOfSlowLiving #SlowDownCollective #OfQuietMoments #postitfortheaesthetic #AMomentInTime #ASecondOfWhimsy #Shared_Joy #SlowLiving #SpringHasSprung #DistractionsAndInspirations #travel #travelblogger #NewZealand

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Social Media

In essence, I run the social media accounts of small/medium businesses – usually Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and/or Pinterest. Often owners don’t have the time or the specialised skillset to get the most out of marketing their businesses – they are simply too busy running their businesses.

I offer 4 services;

Account Auditing – advising businesses how to improve their social media accounts and postings. All the way from optimising their accounts to guiding them on what they shouldn’t be doing…

Teaching – sharing the best way for staff to run the accounts day-to-day; making sure they have the right tone, a good mix of content and a vision that matches the goals of the business.

Content Calendars – drafting up a pre-agreed amount of tweets/facebook/instagram posts in order to draw new and established clients to their website. These are tailored to the date and business, and their in-situ staff add the content to the social media accounts.

Social Media Management – I add tailored and optimised content to the accounts, at the best possible times for interaction. I also run the behind the scenes operation, answering queries and helping solve problems.

Already I have been working with some amazing businesses and brands – all with unique passions and stories to tell the world.

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Content/article writing

If websites are regularily updated with quality information, Google values it higher in their search results. It also keeps customers informed, lures them back in for a repeat visit and shares the amazing services that are offered. One of the best ways to do this? Write up to date, SEO optimised posts/articles with a natural tone.

I’ve set up an Etsy shop for a selection of one-off jobs – feel free to have a nose, feel even more free to share it with any of the business owners you know who need a hand (send them my website or tell them to email me at – this Etsy shop has 9 packages at a special launch price (and include VAT.)

That is a nutshell is my new business. Taking 5 years of social media addiction, and sharing my practical knowledge with the world.

So, how can I help you?