A few musings on Barcelona (in conjunction with Thomson Cruises)

5 years ago we visited Barcelona.

We spent a long weekend exploring the undulating architecture of Gaudi, nibbling pintxos and soaking in the sunshine. Hours were spent admiring the incredible Sagrada Familia arches, we meandered along the city beaches and rode the furnicular up into the misty peaks of Montserrat.

Thomson Cruises contacted me recently about sharing a new video series that Larry Lamb has filmed, where he meets a host of ‘cruise mates’ sharing their home cities of Barcelona, Ibiza and Palma. They have genuinely inspired in me one of the most wonderful problems of travel blogging; to return, or not to return.

It is one of the cities I have regrets about – there were experiences we missed and places we ran out of time to discover. Travel shouldn’t be about box ticking – and a series of fateful roadsigns seem to be pointing me back to Barcelona to delve underneath the surface of this vibrant Spanish city.

We nibbled our way through delicious cuisine, discovered for ourselves whether Gaudi was a genius or a mad man (I say both in equal measure) and saw all of the tourist highlights. But, we didn’t get under the skin of this famous city.

5 years of travel experience later and more than a soupçon of inspirational research, who knows what could be discovered (not to mention photographed with a much better camera.)

Oh, Barcelona.

A native man sang in a foreign tongue,

I still ache to know the song that he sung,


Have you visited yet?

Thomson Cruises kindly sponsored this post (interspersed with my own Barcelona photos) in order to keep our wanderlust strong and the travel fund topped up for future fun and blog posts coming.

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