7 Things I Adore About The Festive Season.

For me, the festive season kicks off at the end of October. It’s when my birthday is, and signals the beginning of two months of celebrating life.

There is Thanksgiving, Diwali, Guy Fawkes, Hanukkah, Christmas AND New Year. What can I say, I’m an equal opportunity celebration kinda gal (and are lucky enough to have a diverse range of friends to celebrate with!)

Everyone is in good spirits, and often full of *hic* spirits, the mince pies are out, fairy lights twinkle from doorways and firework displays fill the night sky.

1. Friends and Family.
We all make more of an effort to catch up with one another, to shoot the breeze and celebrate our own cultural traditions.

2. Mulling all of the things.
‘Tis the season to get spicy, fa lalalalala la la la la. I’m not a fan of red wine, so mulled wine isn’t my thing, but mull a cider or hot apple juice, and I am there. Even the smell of mulling drinks makes me smile as I walk past a drinking establishment.

3. Tasty treats.
Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, warm challah, clinking glasses of bubbles, sweet potato with marshmallow, roasted potatoes, aromatic mithai, slices of birthday cake, brussels sprouts, and the smoky flavour of fire roasted sausages onna stick.

4. The music.
From the haunting refrain of ancient choir sung Christmas carols to upbeat Hindi festival music I’m  there, humming and dancing along (where applicable.)

5. Cozy clothing.
Draping soft scarves, sliding into fluffy knitted jumpers and gliding my toes into slippers that will never be seen in public (though occasionally making an appearance on an instagram shoefie) is my kind of happy place.

6. Bringing a forest item into our lounges & hanging purpose-made breakables from the branches.
It defies logic, especially when you think about it, but having a Christmas tree is such a lovely thing to have in our homes, that every year we pop one up (fake or real) and relive the memories that we have made via the medium of souvenier decorations.

7. Traditions.
From having a cup of tea and opening Christmas presents over Skype with my New Zealand family, to eating Pumpkin Pie with amazing friends I love each and everyone of them.

If you’re struggling to getting into the festive spirit, I’d highly recommend that you take on my
English Christmas Scavenger Hunt (12 things of Christmas). That’ll do the trick, even for the most hardened of Scrooges.

What is your favourite aspect of the festive holidays? 

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