Travel Wishlists and 2018 Plans – January #Travellinkup

As I write this, we have no travel planned. Nada, zip, zilch, nothing. And that’s really exciting. 2017 was the first year that we actually (accidentally it must be said) ticked almost everything off our wishlist, so who knows what 2018 might bring…

The Cornwall Coastline - Travel Wishlists and 2018 Plans - January #Travellinkup

The Cornwall Coastline

2017 was awesome, travel-wise…

We did more around London, explored Chester for a long relaxing weekend, tripped over to Canada for a very special wedding (that I’ve not blogged about yet somehow), slipped over for another day trip to Paris and road-tripped through Cornwall; but we still haven’t made it to Anfield in Liverpool for a footy game or Petra for a sunrise. In addition, however, I globe-trotted over to Cornwall, Qatar, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, York, Salisbury, Seattle, Birmingham, Porto, Ghent, Manchester, Salisbury and slept in a castle – amongst other adventures.

But, I’m even more excited for 2018. On our possible wishlist – thanks to some of the travels amazing bloggers I love to read have done, flipping through my favourite travel magazines and sites, plus the history of some of these cities –  I’ve narrowed down my usual answer of ‘all the world’ to a selection of places.



Sunset over Geneva city 🌅 #VisitGeneva

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More Castles



Sleep in a Treehouse



Will I get to all of these places? Probably not. And that’s equally fine. Wherever we end up will be just amazing I’m sure.

Where do you have on your wishlist for 2018?