When The Words Just Don’t Flow

Do you ever have those days where the words just don’t appear? The ones where you spend half an hour gazing at the blinking cursor, willing a thread of inspiration to magically appear on the keyboard?

I know us bloggers are meant to portray aspirational/inspirational lives where we always have our sh*t sorted, have no hair wisps curling out of place and we never get lost even in a country that we’ve never been to, but I tell you what, this day and my life is certainly not that.

I have 132 draft posts (ranging from just a title to 2/3rds written) awaiting polishing, but I find myself not wanting to settle into any of them, not wanting to wrangle the words into a resemblance of either jumbled narrative or logical arrangement of tips, and just sit here just watching that blinking cursor.

Go on – it seems to taunt – write something.

Write something interesting, something poignant, something funny – and make sure that all of the apostrophes are correctly aligned according to the laws of some bearded guys umpteen years ago who wanted to ensure that the educated classes retained their superiority and the Oxford comma.

So instead, I click away from the judgemental empty screen and meander through the writings of my favourite bloggers. The ones who have managed to overcome their lack of muse and put together something interesting, and inspirational, and finished. And yes, I know that sentence has far too many ‘and’s’ but put it down to creative license, and emphasis.

Blogging is the strangest of hobbies – one where not writing makes you feel like an imposter, and yet a lifestyle where putting words to screen gives you a wonderful place to spill your heart in a million different ways. But I will say this – I don’t feel any ‘blogger guilt’ over this – sometimes the words just aren’t there. Over the years I’ve learned that sometimes wandering off is far more healthy than constructing something that I’m not really happy with.

And, I’ve even managed to construct a passable monologue of a blog post out of the frustration of not being happy with what I was attempting. Mic drop as the kids say.

Do you have these days too? What do you do?

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