It’s been a fair while since I did one of these whimsical posts, delving into the place where blog statistics and words explode. Every so often (usually whilst fixing an errant image) my eye is drawn to the statistics portion of my blog, and I remember that there are keywords drawing people to my little corner of the internets. I then scan down the page in disbelief, as an array of hilarious snippets begin to list.

What to do in Seattle Chihuly Garden and Glass Washington Adventures of a London Kiwi

Cue a brief moment of SEO guilt (as every blogger talk I’ve ever been to flashes before my memory) before I’m distracted by yet another cat video on YouTube…

No surprises for this one (thankfully)… I do wonder what people think they’re getting themselves in for though…

things do in New Orleans

Definitely one of the most popular posts on here at the moment, my ‘23 of the best places to go in New Orleans‘ is an experience I’d like to recreate.

dinner on tube train
This was so many layers of fun – it wasn’t your average pasty-after-a-night-out dinner on a tube train.

luxury hotel review

We’ve been enjoying a few lovely hotel stays lately, and it seems that my readers do too…

kensington gardens gnomes
I love this about London – all the crazy things you find…


What to do in Seattle Chihuly Garden and Glass Washington Adventures of a London Kiwi

kiwi bacon and egg pie
Well, my Dad DOES make the best bacon & egg pie in the world.

simple harry potter butterbeer recipes for kids
Absolutely delicious – golden butterbeer without the flight to Florida…

an ode to toast
I do love those golden slices of toast bouncing out of the toaster…

bells of st martin owed
Part of my Oranges and Lemons Church hunt in the East End of London, St Martin’s turned out to be weirdly popular.

lemon and paeroa visitors
Chur bro.

underground dance club
Erm, this one isn’t my thing in the slightest (my dance steps have two settings – hand wiggle and embarrassed hip wiggle) and is rather a surprise!

And that I feel is my blog in a nutshell – crazy wonderful! How about yours?

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