A Sauna with Lady Gaga – Once in a Lifetime Experiences

So, there I was. Hanging out in my swimsuit, hair drawn back, just minding my own business and relaxing in the delicious, luxurious Scandinave Spa, a stone’s throw from Whistler town centre.

Luxury Scandinave Spa Whistler Canada Adventures of a London Kiwi

The husband and I had split up for the afternoon – he had decided to traverse the peaks of Whistler and Blackcomb on the peak2peak gondola, and I’d chosen a slightly less terrifying mountain vista to enjoy.

It was just one of those days where we’d decided happily to do two different things, and meet up afterwards for a spot of dinner.

Luxury Scandinave Spa Whistler Canada Adventures of a London Kiwi

Cascading down the hillside, the Scandinave Spa’s rustic installations nestle on the edge of the Lost Lake Park spruce and cedar forest and promises to both relax and invigorate you, and provide an escape from daily stress. With several levels of hot and icy plunge pools, sauna and steam rooms, everyone wanders from indoor to outdoor relaxation spots – from sun-soaked spot to waterfall spout back massages. Bliss.

It’s also a place where silence is “essential to the experience. By embracing silence one finds inner stillness, leading to complete relaxation.” To be honest, most people who couldn’t be quiet i.e. me just talked in hushed tones, but it made for a super chilled few hours. Until…

Luxury Scandinave Spa Whistler Canada Adventures of a London Kiwi

…I was sitting in one of the steam rooms (does that make the title clickbait? Sorry – using the title ‘steam room with Lady Gaga’ made it sound as though we were chickens cooking in a slowcooker) and a very, very slim blonde lady slipped in. Queen Gaga herself.

I’ve got to be honest, sticking to the ‘no eye contact with other people who are chillaxing’ rule, I didn’t pay very much attention to what was going on, but after 25 minutes or so of basting relaxing, I stretched languidly – my bones like toffee – and wandered out to the next room, and looking up from the drinks table, had to blink several times as she followed me out. Trying to play cool, I tried keep a poker face (after all, she was there to relax and recuperate in the middle of a big Canadian tour, she didn’t need a random Kiwi gawking at her) and watched from the corner of my eye as she walked into one of the big yoga rooms.

Luxury Scandinave Spa Whistler Canada Adventures of a London Kiwi

She then proceeded to do headstands, slow lunges and other crazy gymnastics in slow motion as we tried to subtley linger a little longer and not look like we were fame-struck teenagers.

(Excuse the photo quality – neither telephones or photos are allowed in the Scandinave Spa for obvious relaxation reasons, but I managed to sneak a couple of angles through public windows.) Fresh from the bracing air of the Peak2Peak, when I finally found my Mr Kiwi we both had a tale or two to tell…

Ps. how many Lady Gaga songs can you count?

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