Liberty London

Come with me and you’ll be, in a world of pure imagination… Nestled in amongst the busy streets of Oxford Street is a treasure trove, hiding in plain sight. The luxury purveyor Liberty London is a Tudor fronted building holding a myriad of delicate delights.

It’s one that I often wander through when I have a spare moment, one where I love to trail my fingers over the beautifully carved bannisters, dream over the stories the walls have witnessed and let my imagination run wild about the years gone by.

The twists and turns could be straight out of an Arabian dream – and some of the rooms could have come straight out of a desert oasis.

Everything you can imagine lines the walls – exotic carvings…

…delicate fabrics…

…and solid silver accoutrements.

But my favourite counter? The one full of gossamer silk scarves draped over baskets and slink around the handles of glossy handbags. 

My favourite route is straight in, taking the polished lift to the top and then to slowly make my way down through the various levels, like a princess surveying her kingdom.

As you progress through, you see the world through the fabric frame of a shopping bag; from modern cornered furnishings to sweetly scented candles, from perfectly appointed porcelain with cheeky sayings, to shelves full of heavily scented chocolate.

It is part department store, part Narnia. 

Whenever I pop in with a friend, or window shop in a spare hour or so, this is usually my face by the end of it.

Even the weathervane pays homage to the trading history of this luxurious London shopping bastion, which seems to go from strength to strength even in this online ordering age.

Liberty London Adventures of a London Kiwi

 And, if you look up next door:

Liberty London Adventures of a London Kiwi

Liberty London Adventures of a London Kiwi

Do you have somewhere that you love to pop in?

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