Travel Blogging and Wellbeing – March Travel Linkup

I adore blogging. It’s made me the person I am today, and I won’t apologise for loving it.

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The blogging community are my go-to for inspiration, they make up a good percentage of my IRL friends and this little grain of sand on the internet has taken me places I never thought I’d go, or for that matter, be good enough for.

But, with every coin, there is a flip side. There are aspects of the community, expectations and ridiculous examples of self-imposed guilt that I don’t enjoy. (This is where I tie in with this month’s Travel Linkup topic of Travel + Wellbeing. Keep scrolling for so many more takes on this topic below – add your own!)  

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I’ve written about envy before, so I won’t go over old ground of how I’ve beaten myself up over not being the biggest, best and brightest, I won’t. It’s not healthy and I’ve got better things to worry about. And, I do ok – I’m just me. This is the quiet pressure that often isn’t spoken about that we put ourselves under to justify the time and passion that we invest in our corners of the internet.

It’s the pressure of not being good enough. (Sorry, this doesn’t really fit in with an ‘I’m owed this by the world’ state of mind, but that’s never really been my thing either.) We all feel it, and filter it in different ways.

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So I guess this post has turned around to be a few thoughts on mental health and travel blogging. 

We expect so much of our hobby. Some people turn their passion for travelling the world into a full-time career – they hustle, they network, they shine (and let’s be real, occasionally they cheat.) Some people (me) take the skills that they’ve learned and channel them into a job where they discover so much about themselves. Other people simply enjoy blogging for the absorbing hobby that it can be.

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I feel like I’ve written this blog post before in so many ways. My injustice at being labelled even in a blog sense, the occasional letter to my blog expressing my dissatisfaction at my writing muse and a treatise or two of  frustration.

But, I still adore blogging. And the pros most certainly outweigh the cons.

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