8 Ways to be Charitable as a Blogger

I’m super conscious about being generally pretty lucky in life. I suspect it’s an ongoing symptom of being a Girl Guide as a kid – we were taught that giving back to the community is essential. It makes sense, right – charity begins at home? They don’t have to be big acts that all and sundry need to know about. They can be as simple as smiling at someone – or asking if they’re ok.

Giving back to Charity as a Blogger Adventures of a London Kiwi

It’s one of the reasons I always try to annually organise my nearest and dearest into some kind of a charity event (one year hosting a blogger DIY afternoon tea, the next two running cake sales at work disguised as a baking competition) – because who doesn’t love a friend who extracts cash from your wallet *smiles cherubically*.

And, actually, you should share what you’ve done (not in a big-headed way obviously.) You never know what you might inspire.  

Donate Blood or Blood Stem Cells

To donate blood it only takes half an hour AND you get a free biscuit. To become a potential lifesaver, join the UK (or local to you) blood stem cell registry it’s often as easy as going online somewhere like DKMS and swiping a few swabs on the inside of your cheek that are posted to you. If you are matched to someone who is suffering from blood cancer, in 90% of cases you donate extra stem cells through either a procedure where they grow extra stem cells and hook you up to a machine for a few hours, or in the remaining 10% they take bone marrow from your pelvic bone (not the base of your spine.)

Run for Charity to fundraise.

I’ve done a couple of 5km charity runs in the past but haven’t managed to make it more than that, let alone run a proper marathon like some of my incredible friends – but every little bit helps.

Donate your skills and time.

From having a cuppa each week with a little lonely old lady, to doing pro bono work as a Lawyer or Doctor. Or just teaching a local charity how to use social media.

Challenge yourself.

Set yourself a goal of 15 random acts of kindness, to donate 10 items to Beauty Banks (a homegrown charity fighting hygiene poverty) or spend a few weekends volunteering in a local soup kitchen.

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HOW TO DONATE TO BEAUTY BANKS A step by step guide. Firstly thank you thank you for caring, supporting and donating – we’re insanely grateful❤️ HERE’S HOW VIA EASHO We don’t use Amazon wish-lists anymore because we have something better @eashouk – an ethical, pay-their-taxes, British wholesale retailer – who are also super lovely to work with and share our values. Log onto their website easho.co.uk, click on the Beauty Banks tab and shop & donate. Easy. These kind people waver ALL postage costs too – another reason why they’re so wonderful and we love them. BY POST. We know that mailing us toiletries is expensive (we’re trying hard to secure FREEPOST – the dream) but right now we’re thrilled to be supported by DROPPOINT.ORG (search for Beauty Banks) who subsidise our postage costs using drop points across the country. It costs under a fiver ! Check out our Instagram ‘donations’ story for all the finer details (you’ll find it on our Instagram landing page- and there’s a post in our main feed too). IN PERSON – DROP OFF & SAY HELLO We wouldn’t be operating without the excellent @thecommsstore who generously allow us to use their office for deliveries. If you live in or find yourself in London you can drop off at TCS during office hours 830am-6pm weekdays. 1st Floor 2 Kensington Sq W8. Thank you. ❤️

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Donate some change.

Empty that purse pocket that gets heavier every day.


That elderly man who looks sad, smile at him, ask him how his day has been. Arrange a coffee with your friend who struggles with their mental health. Buy flowers for no reason, to be delivered to a friend on the other side of the country.

Charitable presents.

Sure, they are simply donating cash to a worthy charity, but who doesn’t want to send their mate an e-Chicken?

Online Charity Presents Adventures of a London Kiwi

Using your blog influence.

It doesn’t all have to be about donating cold hard cash. How about simply including a retweet in your scheduling from a charity close to your heart? Or put together a coterie of Instagram influencers to raise tens of thousands of pounds like Creating for Good. Or write the story in a blog post of what a charity means to you and your loved ones. Or invite charities to co-host Twitter chats that you find yourself volunteer running (like @lbloggerschat.)

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What a day, yesterday. We’re home and have slept. We’ve woken up with happy hearts this morning, thinking about all the generosity and creativity we witnessed during our workshop yesterday. Thank you to @wework for letting us use your gorgeous space and to @the_social_kitchen for filling it with the most beautiful lunch we’ve ever seen. Thank you to @wearebreadandroses for being with us and sharing the stories of the women you work with! Thank you to all our guest instructors @qkatie @cboals @hannahargyle @nikspeller @xantheb @allthatisshe and @theslowtraveler! Thank you to our incredibly inspirational panellists @darjeelingldn, @wearebreadandroses and @the_social_kitchen! Thank you to @whalar for donating two tickets! Thank you to @riojawineuk @sharpsbrewery @innocent @aqualibradrinks @taylors @rinkoffbakery and @digglechocolates for keeping our mouths happy. And above all, thank you to everyone who participated and bought tickets yesterday. You helped us raise over £7k for @wearebreadandroses ♥️ (📷 of @candidsbyjo mid-cinemagraph, helped by @charlottehuco) #cfgworkshops #creatingforgood

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Now, I want you to do something (who says anything in life is free huh?). Write your own post, take 5 minutes to smile at someone who looks down or book yourself in for a blood donation. It all makes a difference – step by step.

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