Confessions of a Travel Blogger

I’m struggling at the moment as a travel blogger. I feel like I’m being pulled in a thousand different directions, with a passport in one hand and a scrunched up map in the other.

Belfast Titanic Museum Adventures of a London Kiwi

I’ve not really travelled out of London so much in the last few months (which I’ll be more than making up for over summer) and with the world at my doorstep, we’re struggling to pick just where to go.

In the next few months I have a  few sketched out trips with the boy, a few husband-free weekends (he’s away with the lads and up with family) and a longer holiday full of rest and relaxation. But where do we visit, where don’t we visit and how do we choose?

Oak Alley Plantation Louisiana Roadtrip US History Adventures of a London Kiwi

My Pinterest boards are utterly overloaded with inspiration, I’ve got a global wishlist as long as my arm and Instagram Stories packed with envy-inducing frames. That’s the problem with being a travel addict who spends her life on social media.

We also realised the other day that it’s almost June and we haven’t booked anything much (unlike the latter half of 2017 that included Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Qatar, Canada, America, Portugal, Brussels, Paris and a load of UK trips.) But it’s funny because until now I wasn’t feeling that wanderlusting itch – contentment was my watchword.

Raffles Luxury Hotel Singapore Adventures of a London Kiwi

Shall we re-visit some old favourites, discover pastures totally new or perhaps tick off a few things that we’ve missed on previous visits? There are a few places that look beautiful, but a bit too quiet; and other places that are full of history but a touch too full of unrest. Where can we go where there won’t be overloads of monsoon rains, scorching temperatures or crowded masses of tourists.

Things to do in Lisbon - Praca do Comercio

It’s a sweet, sweet torture that only a travel addicted blogger would put herself through. And there are so many bigger problems in the world.

How do you decide where to go? 

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