Gingerline Immersive Dining | Inter-dimensional Adventures at Chambers of Flavour

I love the zany and the quirky, so it’s probably no surprise that of my favourite London pasttimes is going to immersive theatre. I’ve now been to Gingerline productions 4 times, and I’m not sure that I’ll ever get enough of them. 

Gingerline Immersive Dining Experience Adventures of a London Kiwi

Disclaimer: My latest visit to the Chambers of Flavour was as a guest of Gingerline, but I’ve gone 3 times beforehand on my own dime. To say I was already a fan-girl is *quite* an understatement… 

I tried writing about the experiences we’ve had half a dozen times, but struggled to find adequate words (getting the furtherest along here and still failing miserably) 

Gingerline is a group of food and drink enthusiasts whose goal is to create the ultimate dining experience. Co-founded by Kiwi Suz and fiery-locked Kerry, they head up a group of clandestine dining adventurers, creating nights of mystery and delicious dining along the East London Line since 2010.

Gingerline Immersive Dining Experience Adventures of a London Kiwi

To say that their shenanigans are insane and wonderful is an understatement – which is why I’m drawn to them like a moth to a flame every time that I hear they are running a new version. 

Gingerline is quite unique insofar that it’s an immersive dining experience – after arriving at the top-secret location you go through a series of chambers, each one an inter-dimensional leap into new, almost magical worlds. Within each world (the latest version has 7) you’ll get to nibble on something delectable and unique – and characters living within the worlds make you very much part of the story.

Gingerline Immersive Dining Experience Adventures of a London Kiwi

That’s about as clear as mud isn’t it – but every single time we’ve been we come out with faces sore from smiling and laughing.

Forget the willing suspension of disbelief – it’s altogether more immersive. In fact leaving your empty cocktails glasses behind and going back out into the normal world is a teeny tiny bit disappointing. The Chambers of Flavour ticketing portal has just opened again for a limited time – honestly, it’s simply amazing what they do, hence the multiple visits… 

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