How blogging has changed my life {The Travel Linkup}

Blogging, oh, blogging. I’m not even going to pretend that blogging has had a small impact on my life. It’s had a rather major impact in pretty well every area of my world.

Adventures of a London Kiwi

How has blogging changed my life? Take Emma of 10 years ago for example. I was happily settling into married life in a country that has a myriad of small, and at times unsettling differences in culture, the honeymoon period of living in London was beginning to fade away, and I had rather fallen into a job that was soulless. 

Fast forward 5 years – I was better attuned to those differences in cultures but the honeymoon period had definitely faded. I was still in a soulless job that wasn’t in any way challenging or creative, and the pattering rain began to really get on my nerves. I had no spark.

9 of the best things to do in Salzburg Austria Adventures of a London Kiwi

Enter stage left blogging.

It began for me as a 365-day photo challenge – a private task that I wanted to complete – capturing the small, lovely moments in my everyday life that made me smile. After a year of while of dithering on the internet, and then setting myself up a small, awful, free blog to do the second year of this photo challenge, I realised that words had started to infiltrate my visual challenge.

Before long I caught the blogging bug inspired by other people just like me, and instead of flopping on the couch to watch mindless TV after work, I was excited to record the adventures that we had between paydays, edit photos, learn how to make html hacks into my terrible blogspot website and tap into this incredible network of passionate blog addicts.

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Blogging motivated me to get out and explore my adopted city, to meet like-minded new friends, to arrange better holidays, to challenge myself by learning new things and walk into a room and talk to friendly strangers. Who was this creature I was becoming?

3 years or so later, I decided to take a total leap of faith and use those time-learned writing, photographing, social media management and networking skills full time to help share the amazing things that small businesses are doing.

Luxury Hotel Seattle Salish Lodge and Spa Snoqualmie Falls Adventures of a London Kiwi

I see the world in a totally different way.

I’ve learned more than I could imagine about culture, history, business and other people.

My confidence has grown.

I’ve met amazing people. I’ve travelled overseas with and to see some of these amazing people.

I’ve found my own voice, full of flaws and bad jokes.

Rangitoto Island Auckland Day Trip New Zealand Adventures of a London Kiwi

How has blogging changed my life? Exponentially. And it has been worth every single second as a labour of love. For me it has never been about free stuff, competing or ever with the intention of blogging as a fulltime job – lord knows it’s easy to see the kind of person I could easily become, I’m definitely no saint – but those skills I’ve learned over the years are allowing me to live a pretty awesome life, full of challenges and contentment – not to mention travelling around the globe.

Cheers blogging!

How has blogging or travelling impacted your life?

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