A charity gift guide: Unique, quirky and selfless

Christmas is becoming increasingly commercialised, but it’s also a time where people really do think of the kindnesses that they can pay forward. In that spirit, I’ve been writing charity gift guides since 2014 (which have also helped me buy meaningful presents for those friends and family who are notoriously hard to buy for as well…) as well as supporting great small businesses who are making a difference in the world.

Charity Christmas-gift-guide

Blogger gift guides are pretty well established now, but as ever I couldn’t just do a normal one – it needed a slightly Adventures of a London Kiwi twist (I even spotted a couple of little sheep fellows – hey, you can take the blogger out of New Zealand…)

All of these quirky gifts are usually sent to the recipient in a glossy card or can be printed out and added to a batch of homebaked biscuits – perfect as something for those people who have everything they could ever want. Forget sickly smelling bath sets where half the products are thrown away, and ugly tie that is only trotted out on special occasions; how about buying a chicken for a suffering family and share the feel-good donation afterglow?

A few quick ideas could be;

How about a chicken, guv? – Oxfam

The money spent on Oxfam Unwrapped gifts will help to support the full range of Oxfam’s work around the world, from emergency responses to advocacy projects. Every year, Oxfam’s programme teams work out what the communities they work in need the most and it’s these must-have items that get featured in their gift catalogue.

Oxfam Charity Christmas-gift-guide

Ensure a future via the gift of Education – Save the Children

Whether you buy a food basket or a football, each Wishlist gift helps change the lives of children across the world. Goats (or even better two), water filters, art sets, winter clothes or even tree saplings – they all make a difference.

Save the Children Charity Christmas-gift-guide

Donate a few tins or a hamper to a nearby Foodbank – Various

Whatever you can afford to give – non-perishables are usually best as the food banks can hold onto them as long as needed without having to refrigerate.

What to buy someone who has everything (a charity gift guide) Adventures of a London KiwiAdopt an endangered animal – WWF

Take Pandas for example – they’re insanely cute, gentle giants (unless you happen to be a bamboo plant) and incredibly under threat. Not only do all WWF profits go to fund the care and protection of your chosen wild animal, but your giftee also gets their own ‘adoption’ papers AND a cuddly plush toy version too.

What to buy someone who has everything (a charity gift guide) Adventures of a London Kiwi

Beauty Banks

Like foodbanks but with beauty essentials and toiletries instead.

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This is a question we’re asked a lot by the amazing humans who want to join the Beauty Banks movement. This post explains all the options. If you’re interested in BANKER STATUS (private or public) please email us beautybanks@tcs-uk.net and we will share the process and our assets. If you want to find out where BEAUTY SPOTS (public donations points) are check out this Instagram grid – Dundee, Glasgow, Sussex, London, Hampshire and Worcester – and three locations in Manchester thanks to @superdrug so far🙌If nothing appeals then feel free to cut us out of the loop entirely and call up your local Foodbank or shelter and ask them what they need and donate directly. Everything counts ❤️#beautybanks #hygienepoverty #peoplepowered #joinus👊

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Donate towards deprived childrens futures – UNICEF 

For more than 65 years, Unicef has been a leader in providing life-saving help for children caught in emergencies around the world. Our emergency relief effort complements our development work that helps children to survive and stay healthy, go to school, to have a voice on matters that affect them, and protect them from abuse and exploitation. (They have a special fundraising project this year for Syrian children which will be matched in value by the UK government.)

What to buy someone who has everything (a charity gift guide) Adventures of a London Kiwi

Christmas E-cards or gift boxes – Centerpoint 

Christmas e-cards are a quick, easy and environmentally friendly way to send your festive wishes to friends and family – while helping young people escape homelessness at the same time.

Centrepoint’s mission is tackling youth homelessness and providing young people with a real opportunity to achieve independence. You can donate a meal, a gift box or Christmas e-cards, all quick, easy and environmentally friendly ways to send your festive wishes to friends and family whilst simultaneously helping young people escape homelessness at the same time.What to buy someone who has everything (a charity gift guide) Adventures of a London Kiwi

Buy a family a school desk, a sheep fellow or antibiotics for a sick child – Present Aid

Each Present Aid gift bought will help Christian Aid transform the lives of people in poor communities around the world – helping families in countries such as Ethiopia, Haiti, Bangladesh and many more places in need of support.

What to buy someone who has everything (a charity gift guide) Adventures of a London Kiwi

Think of it this way – it can be as little as the cost of a mulled wine or two in the most lavish season of the year – and anything that you can spare can go a long way in a small charity, or to a struggling family with barely enough to eat, let alone gifts to give their children.

And if this doesn’t appeal, you could always donate in other ways; via a blood bank, spend an afternoon with lonely elderly neighbours or buy someone needy a coffee. Have you any extra ideas as well? Is there a charity or cause close to your heart?

** None of these charities know I’m touting them about!