5 Essential Packing Habits That Have Saved Us Holiday Stress

She stands in a flowing ball gown at the tip of a mountain. The wind teases her hair in perfect waves, the sun has broken over the horizon and she… brandishes her suitcase with the zeal of an airport customs official. Between the manicured Instagram shots, travel can often be quite stressful. Luckily, over the years we’ve developed 5 essential packing habits that have saved us a fair amount of holiday stress and unnecessary hassle.

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Packing is the most prosaic part of travelling, and often the most annoying when it goes wrong. 

Packing Tips for Travel Adventures of a London Kiwi

Roll Your Clothes

Game. Changer. One of my best suitcase packing tips is for you to simply roll your clothes! Seriously, if you’re not currently rolling your clothes instead of folding them, do it! It saves lots of space, especially when coupled with packing cubes, and if you roll whole outfits together, it minimises creases and crinkles. The only exception to this is work shirts – and honestly, I don’t own any of them any more… 

Pack Your Suitcase Using Packing Cubes

For longer trips I’m utterly obsessed with packing cubes, and I know I’m not the only one. If you’ve not come across them (or travelled with me long haul) they are simply variously sized fabric cubes in which you pack your clothes into. It makes organising your suitcase an absolute dream (and it’s even better later in the trip as they double up as laundry bags)!

Instead of just chucking clothes into the packing abyss and desperately trying to fish out items from your suitcase, you can either separate your stuff into logical sections, or, take it a step further and roll up full outfits ready to be pulled out. The packing cubes that I have and love have mesh lids so you know exactly which outfit is where, and when I flew in the same trip from 40’C in the Middle East to 14’C in New Zealand, I could even sub-organise with different coloured packing cubes for different temperature clothes. See here for a selection of packing cubes you can order from Amazon.

Best Cabin Case Travel Hack Pro Adventures of a London Kiwi

Sharing Suitcase Contents (Couple Travel)

If travelling with more than one person, especially if you have flight connections, split your clothing between the two cases. It sounds a little random, but, should the airline lose ONE it means you’ll still have a few things to wear adventuring whilst the airline gets your delayed baggage to you.

It’s even easier if you pack with packing cubes… just a quick switcheroo! We have a light blue and a dark blue set which makes it even easier.


Trust me, the hassle is worth it. In my carry-on bag for long-haul flights (usually my handy Travel Hack suitcase – full review here) as well as a change of clothes, I also carry a mini-set of my favourite toiletries including a toothbrush. This is for a few reasons; in case they lose or delay my luggage, for use in the transit lounge shower and so my skin doesn’t react with unfamiliar lotions and potions. I also make sure to include makeup/face wipes so that I can freshen up mid-flight.

Packing Tips for Travel Adventures of a London Kiwi

Top up miniature toiletries 

Most people get home, unpack their suitcases, put away their toiletries and if they’ve flown carry-on bin their clear plastic bag. I’m a proper dork, and simply top up my miniature travel bottles (get your own here) and put them back in their little clear plastic liquids bag. They live in a cupboard waiting for the next time we go away – and I always know what needs topping up before I go away again. I’ve all too often found myself the night before an early flight without something essential – or packing in a panic and leaving something behind.

So, there we have it – 5 essential packing habits that have saved us a fair amount of holiday stress and hassle. It simply means more time to break open the bubbly…

Do you find yourself repeating habits whilst travelling?

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5 Essential Packing Tips Travel Adventures of a London Kiwi

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