Travel Blogging: 9 of the most important lessons I’ve learned

I straight up adore travel blogging. It’s made me the person I am today, and I won’t apologise for loving it. Running my corner of the internet, I’ve learned more than I could ever imagine – both about myself and the world around me. So, I thought I’d put together a collection of 9 of the most important travel blogging lessons I’ve learned.

Lessons of a Travel Blogger Adventures of a London Kiwi

Blogging is wonderful. The amazing community who share your obsession, curiosity and wanderlust. The experiences you find yourself emotionally richer, and possibly cash poorer for. The wealth of skill learning (photography, story-telling, promotion, networking, design and dedication). The feel-good audience feedback. The amazing advice (travelling tips, expat stories, recipes and musings on life.) Ps. all of these gorgeous photos were taken by the lovely Amy at Toothbrush Travels on a day trip we took into the English countryside.

Blogging motivated me to get out and explore my adopted city, to meet like-minded new friends, to arrange better holidays, to challenge myself by learning new things and how walk into a room and talk to friendly strangers. Along the way, I’ve learned a lesson or two – about myself, cultures around the world, living history and how to sleep on long haul flights.

Lessons of a Travel Blogger Adventures of a London Kiwi

1. I use far too many exclamation marks! But over the years I’ve also realised that there isn’t anything wrong with enthusiasm.

2. My sense of geography is utterly shocking, though I have developed a pigeon-esque sense of local landmarks even in new cities. Thank goodness for a childhood spent orienteering with a compass around primary school fields – we hated it and would try to get out of it in any way possible – but even with a smartphone compass I still sing “Never Eat Soggy Weetbix” and “Day has gone to rest, the sun is in the West” in my head trying to work out which way we need to go sometimes.

3. A good dose of common sense often prevails and every penny saved for travel will enrich your life.

Lessons of a Travel Blogger Adventures of a London Kiwi

4. When booking travel, never trust the little thought ‘oh, that 3am flight will be fine.’ No. Instead, book smarter – I put together my best tips for booking cheaper flights here.

5. If it feels weird, get out – especially when exploring solo.

6. Get lost. Seriously. Plan to wander a little off the map – you never know what you’ll discover.

Lessons of a Travel Blogger Adventures of a London Kiwi

7. Genuine local recommendations are the purest gold – listen to them over out of date guidebooks and random internet sites. Oh, and always check the restaurant website for opening hours – don’t depend on Google. Travel via the medium of fork. Best way ever.

8. Write when the muse strikes. I’ve drafted blog posts in bars where Jazz musicians shimmy up the music scales, on boats, propped up on planes, at 3am, on the back of takeaway bags and on umpteen trains.

9. Pinterest rocks for travel secrets, planning and organising – especially in a group. 

What’s your best tip for travel?

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