If we were having coffee… the dreamy travel edition.

Well, summer has descended with the promise of overnight thunderstorms and humid temperatures, so if we were having coffee I would actually be drinking Lemon, Lime & Bitters already – a favourite Australasian summer drink of lemonade (fizzy just to clarify for the Americans), lime cordial or juice and bitters that just hits the spot on a hot old day.

The best places to go in Amsterdam Adventures of a London Kiwi

If we were having coffee, I’d be telling you all about my recent adventures – a foray over to the Netherlands primarily by train – where I got to catch up with two blinkin’ lovely friends. (I also got to gambol briefly in Amsterdam for the afternoon – these are my favourite things to do in Amsterdam when I’ve got longer in the city and less wine to sip canalside.)

I would probably blather on about the posts I’ve finally written about our adventures in Cappadocia – and I’d definitely pull out our hot air balloon selfies because I’m cool like that. (Yes, that is a cozy blanket over me.)

Cave Hotels Cappadocia Review Adventures of a London Kiwi

I would tease out a few of your recent adventures as well – get out Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to make sure I’m stalking you thoroughly in real time.

If we were having coffee I’d definitely encourage you to book a table at Soutine in St John’s Wood for some delicious French fare…

USA Road Trip Itinerary

…and I’d probably regale you with the drama I went through to get the wee beastie to pose for the dream USA road trip post image that I’ve just drafted. Well, actually, to be fair she was very patient and very hungry for the cat treats I had stashed away.

I would also tell you that the travel linkup topic for July is superpowers – we would LOVE you to join in! Can you pack for every possible situation (do your friends call you the Mary Poppins of Heathrow?), are you a whizz at balancing schedules, or can you sniff out boutique coffee shops in 23 capital cities? Or, what travel superpower would you like to have? Simply pop a post up between the 1 & 7th of July and add it to the widget on the end of my post. We have fabulous guests hosts and a really lovely, chilled, mini-community of travel blogging addicts who dip in and out of the topics each month.

Catzilla Road Trip USA

What else would I say… well, we snuck into Hakkasan for a cheeky cocktails & dim sum lunch the other day, enjoyed a private meal in a chef’s West London backyard which included oysters with shells as big as my face and… *checks Instagram* lost the battle with an incredibly cheeky seagull the other week.

Hakkasan London Restaurant

If we were meeting over coffee I’d probably announce that the Mr and I are doing the million step challenge for Diabetes UK in July, August & September, and also confide that I’m semi-trying to train for it. It’s going ok – one of the problems with freelance life is that your commute is about 10 steps…

Oh, and I tried to jokingly steal a golf cart at a friend’s (beautiful) wedding, only to be foiled by the smart staff who had already taken the keys.

I would also enthuse about the gorgeous Hever Castle that Amy and I visited to celebrate my two year freelancer anniversary!

Hever Castle Kent

If we were having coffee I would insist that you read Aaron’s gorgeous Daddy Bao Restaurant post (seriously, if it doesn’t make you cry happy tears I’d be amazed), read all about how Audrey’s life isn’t over now she’s got a little one on the way, Sima’s recent adventures in the UK countryside (ft. baboons, Brighton foodie tips and the royal town of Rochester) in between her global shenanigans and I’d emphatically tell you to go and what Kerry has been up to lately in London.


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