My Travel Superpowers: Travel Linkup

I wish my travel superpowers were awesome.

Corfu Adventures of a London Kiwi

Gorgeous photo taken by the lovely Jess on Thames!

I would love to be able to time travel like Doctor Who (it would make living on the opposite side of the world SO much easier – I could pop to my Dad’s for a cuppa just as soon as he’s put the kettle on or as soon as the bacon & egg pie is out of the oven), I wish I could invisibly skip queues at popular events (though fast passes definitely help with *most* queues) and the ability to heal myself or my travel companion when we get sick on holiday (something which seems to be like the cruellest karmic torture) would be ace.

But, alas, so far, my travel superpowers are none of the above.

We’re chatting all things travel superpowers for our monthly travel linkup – and we’d love to learn what yours is… simply pop up a post, add it (once) to the widget found on the hosts blogs – see below – and we encourage you to read/comment on the other linkee’s blogs.

Navigating around cities that I’ve never been to before

Like a pigeon, I’m curvy and like to talk a lot, but that’s not where the similarities end – I’m also rather good at navigating places that I’ve only been to once guided by a map – and I seem to be able to triangulate our position well enough to take shortcuts on the way back to our hotel.

Travelling to Krakow Adventures of a London Kiwi

Actually, thinking on it, it’s rather handy superpower when you’ve been walking around a new city all day, and your legs feel like they’re going to fall off! Perhaps those orienteering walks I did as a kid at primary school paid off unconsciously… 

Talking friends and family into random mischief

We’ve accidentally broken into the world’s biggest Kiwifruit, had lasso lessons watched by the entire very judgemental audience of a Texan Ranch stable, and attended ancient pagan ceremonies in the UK.

Oh, and there was that time that I talked Mr Kiwi into experiencing the Hellbrunn Trick Fountains first hand…

Hellbrunn Palace Salzburg Austria Adventures of a London Kiwi

…next minute…

Hellbrunn Palace Salzburg Austria Adventures of a London Kiwi

Accidentally booking hotels close to cat cafes

I mean, how useless but fantastic is this skill? I’ve done this in Valencia, Budapest, Austin Texas, Krakow and countless other cities. Needless to say, I’m thrilled that this is one of my travel superpowers (though coming across friendly felines in the suburban wilds is always a bigger kick) I adore being able to support these local businesses who often adopt cats into families that need a useless beast that complains a lot… 

9 of our favourite things to do in Austin Texas Adventures of a London Kiwi

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