Where to stay in Rotterdam Netherlands: The James Hotel

With a couple of nights to explore, every time that I investigated where to stay in Rotterdam the newly opened luxury hotel, The James, kept popping up at the top of all of my searches. 

Where to stay in Rotterdam Netherlands

Whether it was fate or clever Google remarketing, I’ll never know, but it was such a lovely stay that I’ll chalk it up to fate. (Ps. that’s what I’ll blame all my future booking choices on I think – fates that have excellent taste in luxurious hotels.)

Rolling straight off the Eurostar, when I checked in with the lovely front of house team, they were surprised to hear that I was not staying in Rotterdam for business.  I wanted to explore the city and take a trip up to the Kinderdijk Windmills, a UNESCO World Heritage site – it’s somewhere that I’ve always wanted to go on a city break – especially for the modern architecture. 

Where to stay in Rotterdam Netherlands

The lovely desk clerk asked if I liked heights, and when I said ‘definitely’ she smiled, and said ‘perfect, I’ll put you in one of our loveliest rooms, up on the 16th floor’. And she wasn’t wrong – it was a gorgeous light-filled room with windows right all the way along two of the walls.

Where to stay in Rotterdam Netherlands

The room was immaculately decorated, the bed was enormous – perfect to sleep diagonally across as a solo traveller and simply so comfortable that I welcomed a morning of rain which was the perfect excuse to snuggle a little longer under my duvet –  and the room had every mod con that you’d ever need, including Dutch Netflix which fortuitously had Doctor Who seasons on it.

It was lovely during the day, but the room is perfectly placed to watch the sunset flicker over the city skyline – and drink it in I did. (Oh, and Skyped my Dad & Stepmum to share the view with them back over in New Zealand.)

Luxury Hotels in Rotterdam

Where to stay in Rotterdam Netherlands

My generously proportioned room made me want to change the colour scheme of my house to cream & green, terrifying Mr Kiwi in the process.

I mean…

Where to stay in Rotterdam Netherlands

The rest of the hotel is just as sumptuously appointed, from the grand foyer to the breakfast/common rooms where the 24 hour shop is – it’s a relatively new concept in lieu of a restaurant. When opening The James Hotel, they decided that with the wealth of shops and restaurants nearby that a restaurant would probably be underused, and I really like the flexibility of being able to pop down and browse the grocery selection without having to leave the building. 

Luxury Hotels in Rotterdam

Luxury Hotels in Rotterdam

I wish I’d spent more time taking photos in the hotel, but honestly, I was too busy exploring. 

Where to stay in Rotterdam Netherlands

It’s only a 5-minute walk from Rotterdam Centraal Station – with routes all around the Netherlands, and international connections to London, France and Belgium. 

Where to stay in Rotterdam

To book your own hotel stay (I paid for this in full) feel free to use my affiliate link here for your own lovely evenings in at the James Hotel in Rotterdam.

Have you been to Rotterdam? If not, is it on your travel radar?

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Where to stay in Rotterdam Luxury Hotel

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