Savoy Hotel Afternoon Tea | The Limited Edition The Tiger Came To Tea

Over the years I been lucky enough to have breakfasted, brunched, lunched, dined and sipped cocktails in this beautiful 5-star hotel, but I was missing one important meal to finish my clutch – the Savoy Hotel afternoon tea.* It was on my afternoon tea bucket list, but I hadn’t quite figured out the best excuse to book in for an afternoon of indulgence.


Luckily, we were genuinely influenced** to book an afternoon tea here, after seeing a friend of ours (a dumpling obsessed, exquisite photographer – you know who you are) visit as a guest of the hotel, and planned the date over a series of increasingly excited messages.

Making the afternoon even sweeter, I got to meet two of my partner-in-scone-crime’s really good friends, plus a gorgeous newborn called Kitty who was a proper sleepy, snuggly babe in arms the whole time.



We met in the Thames Foyer, relaxing in butter-hued wingback chairs and ordered a glass or two of Deutz rosé champagne as we marvelled over the extensive tea menu. (Embarrassed disclaimer: my photos aren’t super on pointe as I wasn’t planning on blogging it, but we had such a lovely time that I wanted to, after all, and it didn’t seem right to click away so long that my hungry tablemates might feed me to said tiger.)


The Savoy has teamed up with HarperCollins Children’s Books to commemorate the fifty-year anniversary of Judith Kerr’s treasured classic through the launch of a unique children’s Afternoon Tea – The Tiger Who Came to Tea at The Savoy. For the first Savoy children’s tea in 129-years, he iconic picture book has been transformed into a feast of teatime treats that draw inspiration from the tea that Sophie and her mummy shared with a visiting tiger in the story.

The limited-edition children’s afternoon tea featured peanut butter and jam bites (*cough* we ordered some too *cough*), Red Leicester cheese whirls and honey roast ham finger sandwiches; freshly baked stripy scones with strawberry jam, Nutella and clotted cream; not to mention the amazing array of sculpted sweets (aka Tiger Treats) –  marzipan tigers, acrobatic cookies, a Milkman special which Lily loved sipping and a cute Battenburg.


And the adult’s tea wasn’t too shabby either…

With delicious sandwiches and some scrumtious tarts, we nibbled our way through (there was no clear favourite – when asked if we’d like more we all opted for different flavours though I loved the brown shrimp and beetroot remoulade, not to mention our illicit PB&Js), and I sipped a delightful Pineapple and Osmanthus tea. We were also presented with delicious butternut squash tartlets that disappeared quicker than a tiger’s tail swish.

Afternoon Tea at the Savoy

The top tier was just as delectable – we were very grown up about sharing the freshly baked treats.


I don’t mind admitting that we lost our cool a little when the team brought out a headband for Lily, AND A CUSTOM FITTED BOW TIE FOR TED. #WhoWoreItBetter

Afternoon Tea at the Savoy

It was simply a delighful afternoon at the Savoy Hotel – the Savoy Hotel Afternoon Tea team couldn’t have been sweeter to us as we lingered. 


Which leads me to the question of the hour – what would you do if a hungry tiger knocked at your door . . ?


*Yes, afternoon tea is a legitimate meal, and can also be swapped in for meals like lunch & dinner… breakfast too if you’re feeling mischevious but you may struggle to find one served between 7am and 11am.

**To be called an ‘influencer’ feels like a bit of an odd term, but I guess a well descriptive one?

***Nb: If you use the Tiger Came To Tea book to organise a party, just be aware that you can only invite 4 friends**** because that’s as many of the cool invites are included.

**** Potentially a superfluous footnote, but it felt important.

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