Overnight in Épernay, Champagne France

Épernay, the self-proclaimed capitale du Champagne was pretty magical. No, scratch that, really rather magical. We visited as Epernay, Champagne as guests of the Agence Regionale du Tourisme Grand Est but all enjoyment was very much our own.

Champagne Region Epernay

A good friend of ours had visited Èpernay on a ladies weekend, and had told us of the beautiful champagne houses, the rolling countryside laden with grapevines and the blush stone Avenue de Champagne, which only served to fuel our excitement.

Day One:

We rolled into Epernay on the train from Reims (read here for that little adventure) just in time to check into our lovely accommodation – Magna Quies, a manor house on the crest of the Avenue de Champagne. The Avenue de Champagne is included in the “Champagne hillsides, Houses and Cellars” which is registered on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Champagne Region Epernay

The house is 3 minutes walk to the Mercier cellars, to the tower de Castellane, a 5 minute walk to Moët & Chandon and 10 minutes walk to the town center and its restaurants. Perfectly located in other words. (Don’t do what we did and walk up the Rue de Verdun way from the train station. That way involves a steep hill, make sure you wander up the gently ascending Avenue de Champagne.)

The manor home is where the owners live with the first floor dedicated to guest rooms – and both our rooms were spacious and well appointed. Oh, did I mention that Pasha lives there too, a beautiful golden retriever? (She’s kept in the family rooms, but we may have encouraged her to break out…)

Champagne Region Epernay

A Champagne Tasting

We tripped merrily down the Avenue des Champagne to C. Comme, a champagne tasting bar in the middle of the town centre, specialising in local, smaller champagne houses. 

Champagne Region Epernay

We were treated to a tasting with 6 glasses, taking us from very Brut bubbles, to very sweet Rosé glasses which was fascinating to see how much they varied. (We shared the 6 glasses which was perfect.) We quickly discovered the difference between the 3 main champagne grapes – chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier, and learned all about the two different ways that Rosè champagne is made.

Champagne Region Epernay

Dinner at La Table Kobus

Considered one of the best restaurants in Epernay, our meal was fine French dining personified – accompanied unsurprisingly with a glass of local champagne.

Champagne Region Epernay

Day Two

Breakfast at Magna Quies

Waking up the next morning incredibly refreshed, we enjoyed breakfast in the beautiful dining room of Magna Queis – from the continental spread we both enjoyed freshly baked croissants and a vat of coffee (with a couple of peeps from Pasha, her nose peering guiltily into the dining room.)

la petite train touristique

Our first stop of the day was hopping on board la petite train touristique. We trundled through the history of Epernay’s great champagne houses on very relaxing and interesting route around the city.

Champagne Region Epernay

Take a Static Balloon Ride

We weren’t quite sure to expect on our static balloon ride – and we were thrilled to discover that it’s a helium balloon that quietly rises 150ft to give gorgeous views over the countryside of Epernay, Champagne and the surrounding villages. Presented with a glass of local Champagne (the Champagne house changes daily) we simply stepped on to a circular platform at our ticketed time, and began to rise smoothly into the air.

Champagne Region Epernay

The view is lovely!

Champagne Region Epernay

Enjoying a glass of champagne whilst overlooking the beautiful countryside the grapes come from was rather special.

Champagne Region Epernay

Lunch at La Banque

We stopped for a leisurely lunch at this former bank, a restaurant with an incredibly extensive champagne menu. We sat in the terrace, soaking up the sunshine and watching the bubbles dance in our stemmed glasses. I enjoyed a main sized portion of the glorious steak tartare – one delicious enough that I’d travel back just for it.

Champagne Region Epernay

Explore the Champagne Houses on the Avenue de Champagne

We couldn’t leave Èpernay without popping into a couple of the champagne houses. 

Champagne Region Epernay

Unfortunately, we didn’t get into Perrier Jouet as it was shut for lunch (if you’re pushed for time, make sure you research ahead) but we did pop into the glorious Champagne de Venoge for a glass of their resident champagne. Relaxed under their garden umbrellas it was hard to bring ourselves to leave…

Champagne Region Epernay

Tour of Maison du Champagne de Castellane 

It was wonderful to be really taken behind the scenes of Maison du Champagne de Castellane, currently under the ownership of Laurent-Perrier. The house, founded in 1895, produces both vintage and non-vintage cuvee as well as a blanc de blancs Chardonnay Champagne. 

Champagne Region Epernay

It was truly fascinating to have such a thorough behind the scenes look at the champagne bottle process – and then have a sip of the delicious result in their private tasting room. Epernay Champagne.

Champagne Region Epernay

All I could think about on our trip to Èpernay, Champagne, was a quote by the infamous Dom Perignon “Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!” It’s a fabulous place for a ladies weekend, compact but with enough to do. Well, between sipping glasses of champagne obviously! (You could also tie in a foodie style visit to ReimsReims France…)

What is your favourite French dish or drink?

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24 Hours in Epernay

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