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Meal planning. It’s not the sexiest of topics, but with dinner occurring every single day, it’s certainly a oft discussed one in our house. Disclosure: This post about fresh meals at home was commissioned by HelloFresh but all thoughts are very much our own. We’ve been customers of theirs in the past and it was lovely to revisit their service to see just how the company has developed.

Fast Meals At Home Hello Fresh

*Cat not included in subscriptions

There’s a brilliant meme that made the rounds while ago, that said married life is nothing more than endless texts of ‘what do you fancy for dinner?’ ‘Not sure. What do you fancy?” In our house add “It’s your turn to pick!” “but I picked the… other day…” It’s so, so true.

Meal planning as busy Londoners is like an impossible Venn diagram, let alone adding running a business into the mix…

Fast Meals At Home Hello Fresh

…and that middle sweet spot just never seems to line up for us. When I launched my business we both thought that as I would be working from home that I’d be able to cook dinner more – we both had the idea of using our slow cooker basically every day and being able to pop out flexibly to grocery shop in nearby market shops. 

Fast Meals At Home HelloFresh

But, no – we have far less fresh meals at home than we’d like. Unfortunately, I think I can count on one hand the times that I’ve whipped up a slow cooker meal over the last few years. (The fact that I’m often out with friends and we are “working” let’s just not mention out loud, ok?) Enter stage left HelloFresh.

I just love the ease.

Fast Meals At Home HelloFresh

  1. You join up & enter in your details. (How many meals you want each week, when you want them, payment details.) This took about 5 minutes.
  2. From the dietary options you are bound by, select the meals (from a range) that you fancy.
  3. Wait for the doorbell to ring (or the box with ice keeping the food cool to be popped in your safe delivery place)
  4. Decide which one to have that night
  5. Cook – every ingredient bar oil, salt, pepper etc. is provided and they even tell you what kitchen items you’ll need
  6. Sit down & eat.

Fast Meals At Home HelloFresh

This week we’ve enjoyed Speedy Chicken Noodles, Warming Harira-Style Beef Stoup, and Duck Breast (on a bed of lentils & cabbage). I have found myself adding a green vegetable to some of their dishes, mostly as a way to slip even more vitamins into our diet.

Warm, hearty and home cooked.

Fast Meals At Home HelloFresh

Each ingredient is vibrantly fresh, and I’m thrilled that the very minimum of non-recyclable packaging is used. Most of the vegetables come loose within the meal’s paper bag, you usually get the perfect portion of ingredients so nothing gets wasted and the cool bag that meat & dairy comes in is made from recycled plastic bottles (they think 7 bottles to each envelope of reconstituted padding.)

Fast Meals At Home HelloFresh

I certainly wasn’t the only one interesting in enjoying my dinner…

Fast Meals At Home HelloFresh

They are all meals that we’ll be having again, either ordering them as part of our ongoing delivery from HelloFresh or using my brand new recipe binder. (I salvaged it from my office – turns out having a business is useful after all…) 

Just call me Nigella!

Fast Meals At Home HelloFresh

(I’m going to need to work on my food puns, bear with me…)

Considering how often I travel, I really like the flexibility of the subscription too – they just note that changes must be made by Wednesday at midnight on the week prior to delivery.

Fast Meals At Home HelloFresh

These fresh meals are home  easy, tasty and made with whole ingredients that you have delivered to your kitchen bench. I’m so glad that I’ve rediscovered HelloFresh – we cancelled our last subscription because thanks to work we were almost literally never in the house. Now it’s a pleasure to spend half an hour in the kitchen at the end of my working day instead of commuting.

Have you ever considered a recipe delivery service like HelloFresh?

HelloFresh kindly sponsored this post (sharing my own personal rusty skills in following their crystal clear recipes) in order to keep our wanderlust strong and the travel fund topped up for future fun and blog posts. And when you use this HelloFresh link to get £20 off your first box – it’ll mean that my account is credited with the same amount. This is totally standard for all subscribers who recommend new people to follow up.

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