10 Small Pleasures of Christmas

I’m unashamedly stealing this idea from Tanja at Red Phone Box Travels, a Momma whose blog I’ve adored reading for years – someone who shares my unbridled love of London. Her 10 Small Pleasures of Christmas post (which I believe was inspired by Uprooted Wanderers) gave me all of the festive feels, so I wanted to get in on the party.

Christmas Moments of Joy

So, in no real order, here are 10 small pleasures of mine at Christmas. (It’s funny how over the years these haven’t changed very much at all.)

Mulled Everything (Cider, Apple Juice, Wine for the purists)

Christmas Mince Pies Adventures of a London Kiwi

Christmas Music (Carols, Pop Tunes, Hymns)

In fact I’m listening to my favourite playlist of festivity as I type this list…

Nibbling Mince Pies & Festive hors d’oeuvres

Everything just tastes better in miniature!

Expat Christmas Tree Decorations Adventures of a London Kiwi

Snuggling into Christmas Jumpers & Christmas PJs

Does this even need any explanation?

Small  (usually unimpressed) humans and Animals in festive clothing

Christmas Joy

Christmas Cards

I know that ecologically it’s not great, but you can’t beat the joy of writing and receiving Christmas Cards – and I console myself with the fact that I only use a small diary of paper for the rest of the year. Otherwise, my office is 99% paper-free.

Decorating our Christmas Tree

This year I even got a little more extra than usual and decorated a desk tree for my office. And I’m so glad I did. It’s been such a pleasure sitting at my desk this December!

Expat Christmas Tree Decorations Adventures of a London Kiwi

Christmas Lights

Festive London is my absolute favourite.

Home Traditions

I always make my Aunt’s Jaffa Slice (and try to sneak a Lolly Slice in there as well.)

Jaffa Slice New Zealand Recipe Adventures of a London Kiwi

Gathering with Friends and Family

Saving the best for last – December seems to be the month where people really make an effort to catch and see everyone, and I’m here for it. (TBH I’m just as here for it the rest of the year.)


What are your small pleasures at Christmas?

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