Women’s Hand Luggage | The Travel Hack Suitcase | Twelve Month Update

I absolutely adore my Travel Hack suitcase. After 12 months of rolling around the UK & Europe, I love that it’s still in incredibly good nick, flexible, handy and so very pretty – the perfect piece of women’s hand luggage. (Though Mr Kiwi is happy to be seen in public with it as well, the rose gold zips are quite subtle.) Disclosure: The Travel Hack kindly gifted me the Cabin Max Case (affiliate link*).

Best Cabin Case Travel Hack Pro Adventures of a London Kiwi

Bloggers cop a lot of flack (and in some cases rightly so) for declaring every new item ‘their favourite xxx ever’ so I wanted to really thoroughly test my Travel Hack Suitcase – and test it I have. 

Over the last 12 months it’s been on road trips, been carried up a multitude of staircases, rolled through medieval cobbled streets, placed in a multitude of overhead compartments of planes and trains, been packed to bursting for a week-long holiday in Croatia and barely packed for an overnight stay with London (basically champagne, face masks & clothes.)

Women's Hand Luggage

See! This little piece of cabin luggage has clocked up tens of thousands of miles already (mostly stashed in overhead plane storage compartments. where it fits like a dream, even when packed so tightly I almost have to kneel on it.) 

Women's Hand Luggage

Why I love this piece of women’s hand luggage

It’s sturdy, smart, rolls like a dream, fits a surprising amount into it and has a separate padded compartment for my laptop (a 13″ Macbook.) The vital statistics are;

  • Measuring 55 x 40 x 20 cm Weight – 2.7kg Capacity – 28 litres – the Travel Hack luggage is ideal for most major airlines including, but not exclusively, Thomson, Thomas Cook and Ryanair’s new ‘priority’ boarding!
  • The generous 28 litre main compartment comes with built-in packing straps and a variety of zipped internal pockets to help adequately separate luggage within – including an integrated compartment designed for handbags. I can fit 5+ changes of clothes in my Travel Hack, plus shoes, chargers, misc Emma items, full airplane compliant toiletries bag and still have room for souvenirs.
  • The stylish 600D Polyester outer shell has faux leather inserts, rose gold detailing around the zips and a padded quilted exterior.
  • All Cabin Max luggage comes with a 3 year manufacturers warranty.

Wear and Tear

Amazingly, with a year of fairly heavy use, there’s only one tiny exterior seam on the top that’s beginning to fray slightly.


Best Cabin Case Travel Hack Pro Adventures of a London Kiwi

That’s it. The balance is still perfect, the lovely pink lining on the inside of the Travel Hack Suitcase is immaculate and despite being snowed on/rained on/being wheeled through the sun, the exterior is still as smart as ever.


Women's Hand Luggage Women's Hand Luggage

I’ve had strangers come up and compliment me on my case in train stations, hotel foyers, plane boarding bridges (did you know that’s what they are officially called?) 

Oh, and I zip through airport security whilst friends have to repack their cases on the floor. That sounds a little smug to put in plain English, but it’s a practical truth. I just slip everything back into their requisite pockets and trundle it to the first decent airside cafe/bar/lounge that we can find. I get quite the envious looks. (Yes, I forgot to take the tag off when I took this smug photo on my first trip to Budapest with it. I also caused my friend to be delayed through security because I gave her a couple of Aussie chocolate bars, but that’s a different story for another time…)

Best Cabin Case Travel Hack Pro Adventures of a London Kiwi


The only downside is that people who haven’t picked up a Travel Hack bag before (usually cabbies/drivers) can’t find the top handle at first grab. But I can, and honestly, it makes me feel a little safer that dodgy people can’t just dash past and grab it – they’d have to pick up the whole thing to steal it. Not ideal when they’re skidding past at speed (and with my precious MacBook Air tucked safely in its own padded suitcase compartment of the cabin case, that’s something I definitely think about.)

Other People’s Thoughts

Kerry at Kerry Life and Loves called it the ‘best cabin case ever’ in a lengthy blog post ode, friends who have purchased it have recommended it to all of their friends (one bought 3 for her whole family) and I get asked to demonstrate how the case works practically every time that I go away with people. 

Women's Hand Luggage

So, yeah, IMHO the Travel Hack suitcase is fabulous piece of women’s hand luggage. I’m also quite excited that the matching 20l backpack (which has been in careful development) and compression packing cubes have JUST been released – and we all know how much I love packing cubes. C’mon Santa!

What quality do you treasure the most in luggage?

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Best Cabin Case Travel Hack Pro Adventures of a London Kiwi

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