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Whilst we have more downtime than we usually get, I thought I’d get up-to-date with a few of my Blog chores, improving SEO and traffic.  You know the ones I mean, those nagging bits and piece that you keep meaning to do, but don’t quite get around to (Hello Twitter and Instagram procrastination) but not now!

I thought it might help to share a few of the things that I like to try and do over one of those quiet blogging afternoons… (it’ll also help to inspire me and stop procrastinating myself!) Pick one or a few of these each day for a month, and see just how the SEO and traffic will improve.

Back up your blog. 
Yes, this means you. We’re all guilty of doing this far less often than we should. Remember that time you accidentally deleted a blog post and couldn’t retrieve those hours of slaving over photos and carefully shaped phrases that were hilariously funny? Image it happening to your whole blog. Months of hard work deleted by a someone nasty. Marie, my panic-because-I’ve-broken-something friend at Code it Pretty has great tips for backing up all kinds of blogs. (Ps. she doesn’t know I’m mentioning her, but she has so many awesome tips!)

Make sure your About Me pages, your headshot, copyright dates and media kit (if you have one) pages are up to date.
We love to see your smile, we do, but a photograph that’s years out of date or old and blurry isn’t very nice. Much like those dating websites, an up-to-date photograph is lovely and welcoming (and great when you’re out networking!) Also, just check your social media links (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc) are working properly and up to date – ya never know…!

Fix broken links.
Google doesn’t really like it when you have lots of broken links in your posts – these are links to other sites or posts that don’t exist any more. It’s not a super bad thing, but can be a little better if you don’t have too many. This ‘Keeping your blog posts fresh‘ article by the lovely Marie at Code it Pretty is awesome – broken links tips are section 3.

All hands on deck, and wear 100s of thermal layers if you decide to do your chores in the Arctic circle…. #justsayin

Clear out those labels and post tags.
Word on the street is that Google & SEO isn’t as fussed about your post labels/tags/categories as it used to be. They are still super handy for readers though – just make sure you don’t have any double-ups or defunct ones lurking.

Mix up those main topic pages & update your SEO for old posts.
Do the major topics listed in your header still reflect the focus of your blog, and is there some way you can improve on them? Is there a plugin like Yoast for WordPress that you can download, and work through improving the organic SEO some of your old posts? I did this on a few travel posts, like my New York ones and the traffic growth has been great. I’ve also vowed to myself to make new Pinterest Pins for some of my popular old posts.

Email lassoing.
Delete anything unread that’s over 6 months old, reply to those starred emails & if you’re a gmail user investigate the use of Primary/Social/Promotional tabs. They are amazing. Also, if you’re still using your personal email address for blog related items set up a free blog email address & keep your personal one free from all that spam! Gmail again has a great divert tool…

Don’t let yourself become distracted…

Got any cool topics archived that you want to re-visit? 
Re-use a couple of those early day/archive posts by drafting the post you actually wanted to write but didn’t have the experience to, or draft an update with your newest recommendations. 
Don’t forget to link back to the original post as well – internal backlinks are quite good – and it’s interesting to see how a blogger develops their style over time.
Don’t be tempted to copy and paste the whole post as a new one, Google doesn’t like that…
– Consider writing a series based on those old ideas

Wanna become a Do it!!
Upgrade from the address (or whatever you use) to your very own .com. It looks more professional long term and there are loads of fantastic guides on the internet and through the website domain providers.

Reward yourself.
Trust me, doing these some of these blog chores improving SEO and traffic, will feel soooooo good! Go and read a few of your favourite bloggers posts – sprinkle in a few comments & shares.

Now I’m off to update some more of mine – have you any blog jobs planned?

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Blog Chores Improving SEO and traffic

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