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There been so much going on in the world recently, and if we were having a coffee right now, it would probably be a Delgado (Tiktok) coffee sitting on our back garden patio. At acceptable socially distant length apart or via video call obviously. This month for the travel link up we wanted to share some positivity – so I thought I’d share 9 things making me happy recently.

9 Things Making Me Happy

Stopping to enjoy the spring blossoms whilst getting out in the fresh air

I guess the explanation is in the h3 header (sorry, bit of blogger geekery) but I’m trying to be more mindful of stopping and smelling the flowers. Literally.

9 Things Making Me Happy

Taking time to relax & Reading up a storm

The global pandemic that we’re going through is unprecedented (do I hit the coronavirus buzzword bingo yet?) so I’m making sure to let myself off the hook occasionally. Also, at Christmas, I actually put myself on a book buying ban because I discovered a sheaf of unread books on my bookshelf – and I’m slowly, leisurely making my way through them. 

9 Things Making Me Happy

Having some quality time with my family

Really sitting and talking properly.

Spending more time in the kitchen

Not only have I been able to dust off some of my favourite recipes, but I’ve finally had the chance to try a few new recipes, including the Delgado coffee – 2 TBSP instant coffee, 2 TBSP sugar & 2 TBSP hot water, whisked together until they form soft peaks. Then add to iced milk (or hot milk.)

9 Things Making Me Happy

Random acts of simple Kindness

Have you seen the rainbows or teddy bears popping up in local windows? It’s for families to spot as they exercise around their local neighbourhood. There have also been some incredibly selfless acts of support – the #ClapForCarers, setting up meals for hospital teams, really appreciating people from all walks of life and so much more.

9 Things Making Me Happy

Snoozy starts to the day

I blame her.

9 Things Making Me Happy

Catching up with friends and family

It’s so nice to sit and have a leisurely catch up with everyone – not to mention they’re sharing the fantastic memes that are flying around the internet.

Getting through my to-do list

There have been days where I’ve just not been up to it, but there have also been days where I’ve been on fire, knocking stuff off my to-do list. (And if you want the best tips I’ve picked up over the years, tap here.)

9 Things Making Me Happy


With the large lack of city noise, the local birds are sounding so so very sweet.

9 Things Making Me Happy

I guess a lot, if not all of these 9 things making me happy seem pretty basic, but these are very unusual times. [BINGO] I mean, if you’re going to be quarantined at home for an unspecified of time, you have to appreciate the slower pace of life, right? That and watching hours of my newest discovery – Modern Family. It’s simply brilliant.

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9 Things making me happy during quarantine

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