9 ways to travel at home (when you can’t go out)

I was dozing on the couch, soaking in the sunshine pouring through the windows, and hazily an idea surfaced. I remembered that even though we’re staying safe (and keeping those we love safer) by not going out, there are definitely ways to travel whilst at home.

Ways to travel at home

Travel is a welcome distraction from worry, something that brings joy – and if you’ve got children, a good way to explore the world and teach them about other cultures. Whilst we’re restricted to armchair travel, here 9 ways to travel at home – bringing a little light entertainment to our lives.

Travel via cooking

I’m taking this time to get to know my kitchen again – turns out that despite being woefully unused over the years, I’ve collected together enough (very basic) kit to have a little bit of culinary fun. I’ve been travelling to India by making slow cooker Daal Makhani, New Zealand via Bacon and Egg pie, American via towering burgers (the best thing is I can tailor them exactly to my liking eg. with loads of sliced beetroot) and occasionally being brave enough tiptoe to France via baked pastries – both from scratch and via pre-made frozen packs.

We’re also exploring the world by tastebuds by ordering from local restaurants – we’re lucky to have a lovely selection around us -which gives the additional benefit of supporting local businesses.

Ways to travel at home

Picking up a book

Always a favourite past-time, by reading travel books I’m reliving old adventures by picking stories based in cities I’ve loved, and also destinations that I’ve dreamt of travelling to.

Turn on some music or learn a new dance

Have you noticed just how sound can transport you? If I want to go immediately back to New Zealand, I play some soothing beats of Fat Freddy’s Drop, if I want to pretend I’m on a Caribbean beach I put some Soca on and turn the volume RIGHT up, or if I want to taste Berlin, I put on Handel’s Messiah which we heard performed live, purely by chance. 

Watching movies

Ok, I’ll be the first to admit that this is a very basic suggestion BUT it’s a good one. Such a good suggestion, that I found that Conde Nast have recently updated the list of their 50 favourite travel movies. From Audrey Hepburn’s 1953 Roman Holiday and Doctor Zhivago (1965) a lens love story to Russia, to The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel to Wes Anderson’s incredibly stylised Grand Budapest Hotel, it has all the travel inspiration.

Ways to travel at home

Brewing up a cup of travel

There is something both so comforting and invigorating about a freshly poured drink – whether a hot strong expresso evoking memories of Italy, or a cheeky Dark and Stormy cocktail which always makes me think of Grenada. My fridge alone has miniature tastes of Scotland, Grenada, France, Nevis, Portugal and New Zealand. That’s without cracking the mini collection of Scandanavian liqueurs that I found the other day…

Taking online tours

Sima at the Curious Pixie has put together an exhaustive list of virtual tours around the world, with beaches, monuments, cities and safaris. Even better – watch these whilst on an indoor treadmill (family/friends providing smells and water spray as possible) for a 360′ experience.

Watching Nature Documentaries

For this, I immediately turn to BBC Earth for awe-inspiring corners of the world. From Antarctica to desert sands, their teams have covered incredible destinations. (They’re just missing my house though, where a small tabby cat has woven a spell over her human servants…)

Best cats of London

Read a few of your favourite blogs for inspiration

Always a favourite past-time of mine, I’ve been tiptoeing through friends recommendations, Twitter suggestions threads and using Google to find new blogs for inspiration, both travel and cuisine.

…and then put together a Pinterest bucket list for the future

I’ve always had a few different boards; London things that I’d love to do, UK destinations that are calling my name, international secrets to uncover – even down to dream hotels. Whilst we’re in our homes, I’ll be diligently filling those boards and dreaming away. (And, many of my boards are sorted by destination, so when I do have the opportunity to travel again I can go back to the board for the country I’m heading to and read through all of the pins I’ve saved, then add my own once I’ve visited. It’s inspiration and research all in one.)

What is your favourite travel at home activity?

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How to travel when you can't leave your home

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