9 ideas for brunch at home (including full recipes)

For years Mr Kiwi and I have had a tradition that if we aren’t out for brunch, we’ll make something delicious at home. So when we were sitting down and writing our grocery shopping list this week, we threw around a few ideas and whittled our favourites down to these 9 ideas for brunch at home.

Recipes for brunch at home

It makes the weekend that little bit more special (something important in quarantine times) – and perfect whilst we have the chance to spend a little more time than it takes to chuck cereal in a bowl.

Brunch, oh how I love thee. These are all tried and tested recipes – with an excellent effort to deliciousness ratio – and they satisfy the craving for a little brunch sophistication. I’d recommend you set your table, turn one of your favourite playlists on and take some time to relax (bonus points if you arrange a Skype meal with people that you love.). That’s amore brunch.

Bacon & Egg Pie

Look no further for an ultimate Kiwi comfort food. One of my childhood loves is Bacon and Egg pie – oh it is SO good. All the stuff that is bad for you: puff pastry, bacon, eggs (and tomatoes for a health twist). Traditionally, I’m told, this is made for farmers to be eaten cold at the back of the farm – it’s quick to make, full of protein and a slice of a well-cooked pie can be easily held in one hand (much like the crust on Cornish Pasties).

(If you don’t want to make or  you can’t find pastry, you can also make these delicious Bacon & Egg Toast Bowls.)

Recipes for brunch at home

Mince on Toast

This is not a typo. You can’t beat mince on toast as a comfort food – top toast with warmed slow-cooked chilli mince (ideally from at least the day before) sprinkle with a scattering of grated cheese and drizzle ketchup, tomato sauce or a cheeky chutney. You can also slip on a fried egg, some sliced avocado, fresh herbs,  (PS. random US place that called this a British dish, it’s a NEW ZEALAND dish. Wrong side of the world, bro.)

Luxury Fish Finger Sandwiches

Everybody loves a fish finger – they’re childhood favourites in the western world – and I love luxe-ing them up as an adult. They can be as simple as delicious fresh bread, a slick of butter, a generous helping of mayonnaise or tartare sauce studded with capers and a few fish fingers – or they can be ramped up all the way to burgers stuffed with salad, beetroot, coleslaw and homemade hand crumbed fish fillets. Yum.

Recipes for brunch at home

Dessert Porridge

Porridge on its own can be a little beige, lacking interest and at times tasting of wallpaper paste. You know it! We add brown sugar, berry coulis or honey to mix things up (literally), but I thought I’d take it one step farther after reading about Carrot Cake Oatmeal (Porridge) at Chef in Disguise. My scaled-down but delicious versions of dessert porridge are perfect in this list of ideas for brunch at home.

Rainbow Baked Eggs

These baked eggs (recipe here) are really, really, really easy. Chop most of the ingredients, brown an onion, add all ingredients & bake for 15-20 minutes whilst cooking some toast for dipping (this is essential, no arguments, please, unless you are wheat intolerant, in which case, fair enough. Brown/Wholegrain bread is really good.)

Recipes for brunch at home

Crustless Quiche/Frittata

I love cooking. Choosing a recipe, organising all of the ingredients, prepping them and the best part eating the delectable dish. This is fine, but once in a while it’s nice to kick back and make something utterly simple – this is also a great a ‘use up fridge lurking vegetables’ recipe, much like Fridge Soup.

Recipes for brunch at home

Bespoke Bacon Sarnies

Quality ingredients are absolutely key to bespoke bacon sarnies. Thick smoked bacon, fresh doughy bread – sliced or buns, rich salted butter and your sauce of choice. I recommend a good chutney, HP sauce for the Brits, plum sauce, Watties tomato sauce for the Kiwis or homemade mayonnaise. To push the boat out even further; lettuce or spicy greens, vine-ripened tomatoes and avocado for a BLT fit for royalty.

Breakfast Cake

Fat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free (depending on the ingredients you use obviously…). This is a quick, healthy, easy and fully customisable cake for breakfast recipe. You’re not going to believe how good and quick this is…

Recipes for brunch at home

Sweetcorn fritters

Easy, fairly healthy, great to add in your own touches, sweetcorn fritters are a kiwi staple and a great, easy brunch. I like to add grated Zucchini (patted with a paper towel to absorb any excess liquid), Ham, Bacon, Peppers, mostly anything you have that aren’t really strongly flavoured to competed with the Sweetcorn. There is something luscious about the crisp exterior, the soft internal structure, then the tidbits of creamed Sweetcorn that make my mouth water.

A few ideas for brunch at home recipes from friends that I’ve got earmarked for trying next are Binny’s Vegetarian Potato Bake, Heidi’s waffles, Nayna’s Tandoori Cauliflower bites or Fiona’s Truffled Mac and Cheese.

What’s your favourite brunch at home dish? 

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9 Brunch ideas and recipes for home

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