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You know how you have Travel Dreams (those ones complete with capital letters) that you keep tucked away in your heart of hearts? Well, although we’re currently on lockdown in the UK and unable to take a trip at the moment, there’s nothing to stop us from planning and dreaming about getting out on the open road when the time is right. Disclosure: This post was commissioned by Bailey of Bristol who have been manufacturing caravans and motorhomes in Bristol since 1948.

UK Roadtrip

Use a little downtime to open that box of Jaffa cakes and an enormous map and start following those B-roads in your mind to create the UK roadtrip of dreams.

Cornwall Coastline Cruising

Driving through Cornwall to me is personified by excellent tunes, copious snacks and occasionally crazy weather conditions. Full of pirates and smugglers, intriguing history, rampant gardens, cream teas where we discussed the big questions (cream then jam, or jam then cream, obvs) and weather conditions that changed by the minute from hail to beaming sunshine. Oh, how I’d love to explore more of the coastline.

The Cornwall Coastline - Travel Wishlists and 2018 Plans - January #Travellinkup

Beautiful Bristol Bridges

I would love to cross some of England’s most famous bridges, such as Brunel’s Clifton Bridge – the infamous suspension bridge is a beautiful engineering feat that sits high above the Avon Gorge. On the Leigh Woods tower, near the Visitor Centre, the bridge carries a Latin inscription: SUSPENSA VIX VIA FIT, which translates as “A suspended way made with difficulty” – an accurate description of a project which began in 1754 with the death of Bristol wine merchant, William Vick and was not completed until 1864. (Bristol is also the home of Bailey of Bristol caravans and motorhomes which are built with Alu-Tech construction.)

What do to with 48 hours in Bristol Adventures of a London Kiwi

The Beautiful Oxfordshire countryside

I would love to explore more of Oxfordshire – with Warwickshire to the north-west, Northamptonshire to the north-east, Buckinghamshire to the east, Berkshire to the south, Wiltshire to the south-west and Gloucestershire to the west, it’s a county ripe for adventuring. 

24 hours in Oxford what to do Adventures of a London Kiwi

Exploring more of the West Midlands

You can’t beat the feeling of curving around fields full of hedgerows and wildflowers, stopping near thatched cottages that are straight off chocolate box lids, and eventually twisting around to the beautiful buildings of my literary dreams. There’s something so intoxicating about blue skies and the smell of wildflower meadows…

Things to do in Stratford-upon-Avon Visit Anne Hathaway's Cottage Adventures of a London Kiwi

Recreate memories of our mini-moon in the Lake District

After our wedding, we took my NZ family up to the Lake District, stopping off in small meadow-surrounded lanes, posed with thatched cottages, explored ruined castles and giggled at inappropriate place names. We also did a few accidental hikes, skipped stones across lakes as still as millponds, hung out with some very curious sheep and made some lovely memories that I still cherish.

The Lake District Roadtrip

Roadtrip back through the Scottish Highlands

I would do anything to redo our amazing journey of awe-inspiring landscapes, curious beauty and quirky discoveries through the Scottish Highlands. The azure skies bathing in still lochs, fairy cairns balancing on cliffsides, mist-draped mountain shoulders, and more castles than you can imagine (which is the best problem in the world).

Bailey of Bristol caravans and motorhomes can be purchased all over the UK – even as far from Bristol to the north of Scotland. Dyce Caravans are a caravan and motorhome retailer near Aberdeen that offer leisure vehicles from a number of brands including Bailey, Swift and Elddis. You can use the Find A Retailer section over at the Bailey of Bristol website to find out more about Dyce and the other retailers stocking Bailey caravans and motorhomes. (When writing this in March 2020, unfortunately retailers are closed like many other businesses in the UK. But as part of your downtime research, you could find out who’s closest to you and plan a trip for when businesses are able to open their doors again.)

Scottish Highlands Roadtrip

This could definitely be a bit of me when we can explore the countryside again.

Dream UK Roadtrip

Bailey of Bristol, you’ve inspired me, well and truly.

What UK destinations would you include in your dream UK Roadtrip?

The team at Dyce Caravans kindly sponsored this post (sharing my own personal dreams and road trip wishes) in order to keep our wanderlust strong and the travel fund topped up for future fun and blog posts.

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