9 Things I’ve Been Doing During Lockdown

We certainly hadn’t planned on spending this much time at home, and it’s been interesting trying to find a bit of an entertainment groove. I thought I’d share 9 things I’ve been doing during lockdown (between the days that we’ve really struggled with this comfortable but stifling state).

9 Things I've Been Doing During Lockdown

It’s a combination of proactive and relaxing activities – and we’re cutting ourselves a lot of slack – but it’s nice to have a combination of modern entertainments and practical things to do.

Around our work commitments, Mr Kiwi has taken a week of annual leave from work, I’ve been working ridiculously flexible hours and we exhausted tidying all of the cupboards in the first week of lockdown.

Brunch Recipes Adventures of a London Kiwi

Dusting off my cookbooks (and a few of my favourite Kiwi recipes)

Over the years of living in London our kitchen has had less and less use – and it’s actually been lovely to rediscover the simple (and at time complex) joys of cooking and baking again. There’s such a thrill when you pull out a bunch of ingrediants, use the alchemy of chemical reaction ad fire, and end up – usually – with a delicious dish that I’m very proud to flourish (and then photograph within an inch of it’s life).

Getting More Creative with photography

Having a little bit (ok, a lot) more time, I’ve been playing with some of my favourite photography trick styles; stopmotions, cinemagraphs, lens flares, playing with bokeh, panning (a technique where you follow a subject with the camera while keeping it in the same position in the viewfinder as it moves along a plane of motion) – and a fair amount of accidents that I shall call abstract photography.

Watching Movies with Friends

No, you haven’t read that wrong. A friend and I tee up old school comedy movies and watch them together. We also use the Netflix Party Chrome extension, which lets you watch videos with your friends and chat together at the same time. Netflix Party will sync the playback across your accounts, so you’re all watching the samething at the same time from your individual accounts. #NotSponJustANewDiscovery

Self indulgent evenings

Every so often of an evening (and, ok, occasionally a leisurely afternoon) I pour a glass of wine, run a bath (complete with bath bomb), get one of my favourite face masks out, twist my hair up and zen out. This is often followed by a nap, and it’s utterly delicious. Cliche, but delicious.

Dusting off my TBR book pile

Going through my books a few months ago, I discovered 

9 Things I've Been Doing During Lockdown

Absolutely Nothing

Zip. Zilch. Nada. Well, technically one day I spent the whole day on the couch under a blanket watching almost an entire season of Modern Family. I was having a bad day and it was all I felt emotionally capable of. And that’s totally ok.

Video Calling Family & Friends

Sometimes I do a terrible job of this (especially when travelling, sorry Dad, I promise not to forget to tell you about a trip to the Caribbean and surprising you with a call the minute I’ve arrived) but whilst we’re all at home, we’ve really tried to get in a rhythm of keeping in touch with friends and family. It’s not just me. Mr Kiwi has a standing 7.30 pub, er, date, with his mates.

9 Things I've Been Doing During Lockdown

Getting DIY jobs ticked off the list (then adding a few new jobs for the DIY list to tick off)

There’s so many small things that have bugged us about our place, so instead of putting the list of DIY on the ‘one day in the future’ invisible list, so far we’ve painted our kitchen, changed a bathroom colour scheme, planned our garden furniture and I’ve designed a custome spice rack. Exciting, no!? 

Doing a spring clean of my blog & upping my Pinterest game

I’ve not quite done as much as I’d hoped, but I’ve definitely done more that I would have normally. I’ve SEO optimised a fair few popular posts, fixed poor old images and really started to work on my Pinterest account – which has resulted in quite an uptick of traffic and will hopefully keep paying dividends.

What have you been doing whilst we’re in lockdown? (You’ll have to excuse me, I’m off to make a fort!)

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