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With the glorious weather at the moment, we’ve been spending so much more time in our garden – and working our way through really improving it. I wanted to share these 5 quick ways to transform your garden – ideas to let your personality really shine through and bring in touches of your favourite travel destinations – no matter what size it is. Disclosure: this garden guide was comissioned by Grass Direct, purveyors of cheap artificial grass, but all ideas are very much my own.

5 Ways to Quickly Transform Your Garden

I’ve scoured Pinterest for hours, created all kinds of garden layouts on online software and had many many a conversation with Mr Kiwi about what we wanted to do with our little corner of the world – and some of the loveliest moments in our garden have come from really simple design ideas.

Update the colour palette of your garden

From injecting pops of your favourite travel hues; Santorini blue, Maldives turquoise or the terracotta rooflines of European towns, all the way through to repainting fences, adding a flash or a palette of colour can be a really quick way to transform your garden. These lovely poppy bird baths were a garden warming present from good friends of ours and they sit right next to where I have my morning coffee. Every single time I see them being used by the local robins, it makes me smile. (Biscuit, our cat, is under strict instructions that she’s to leave the birds alone… but lurks occasionally meaningfully – if you’ll squint you can see her tail just past the second cast iron flower.)
5 Ways to Quickly Transform Your Garden

Encourage more local wildlife to visit

This leads me nicely to the next point – it’s quite easy to encourage local wildlife into your garden. From butterfly friend blossoms, to this is a lovely bee hotel (another lovely garden warming gift from a wonderful friend) which gives solo bees somewhere to make their home, simply have a look at the Wildlife Trust’s website for ideas. Hedgehogs, bats, sparrows, song thrushes and stag beetles are all declining species in the UK, but if we manage our gardens to benefit wildlife, these creatures and many more will find refuge…

5 Ways to Quickly Transform Your Garden

Add some greenery

In pots, on window ledges, in large raised beds – inject low maintenance greenery into your out door sanctuary like ferns (which incidentally remind me of NZ). This rose is on our front doorstep, and honestly leaving it alone all year bar a couple of trims provides gorgeous gorgeous blossoms. And, more greenery encourages more wildlife to keep you company on those long leisurely afternoons – our little cat adores spending time hopping between sunshine and shade with us.
5 Ways to Quickly Transform Your Garden

Dine in style

This can really make such a difference. From buying a cute Butlers tray, new glasses or folding chairs, to replacing tired outdoor furniture sets – make your corner of the world a little bit special. Keep things simple and lovely so you’ll always be ready at a moments notice to slink outside and enjoy the sunshine. I may or may not have recently purchased some new coupe glasses (that potential purchase not pictured) from a lovely London hotel that I always seem to end up in…

5 Ways to Quickly Transform Your Garden

Change up what goes under your toes

From retiling your space with gleaming new flagstones, to popping in some cheap artificial grass (something friends of mine did on their small London terrace which they love) there are several different ways to change up underfoot – and it can have a marked difference in how much you want to use the space. As a kiwi who hates wearing shoes, having something delicious underfoot means that our garden becomes another room of our home.

What’s your favourite thing about your outdoor space?

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5 Quick ways to update your garden

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