An Ode to Biscuit – Our Little Tabby Cat

I’m not entirely sure how to say this, so I think I’ll just ramble as usual. Very sadly our little Tabby cat Biscuit had to be put to sleep last week – her health declined very sharply, very suddenly and sadly it was clear after a couple of days with our vet, we had to make the heartbreaking decision that we never wanted to.

Lessons Learned as a Freelancer Adventures of a London Kiwi

When we adopted her many years ago, we knew she would be a key member of the clan, but we couldn’t have hoped for all the joy she brought us. From teaching herself to tap on the front door to be let in (ignoring her cat door) and learning how to knock over select cushions, to her lip licking excitement at the fridge opening and the emphatic telling off we would get returning from holiday, there’s a striped hole in our hearts.

She was a little heart stealer – we utterly adored her mischief. She even charmed you lot to the point where I was repeatedly asked to set up a separate Instagram account for her (but I didn’t have time for one) and if I didn’t post her every few days in Stories I’d get messages requesting an appearance of the diva.

Best Cats of London

She’d usually appear at the opening of her favourite snack, or in the hope of it – and then submit herself to whatever michief that had been dreamed up.

Best Cats of London the definitive list

Look at how little she was when we first adopted her, and how big those green eyes are.

Best Cats of London the definitive list

My Tabby boss never lifted a paw in the office, but always managed to ensure that everything was under control and arranged to her liking. Forget clients – usually the most pressing matter was pertaining to the soft furnishings next to my hip. – all the better for keeping an eye on me.

18 Month Freelance Anniversary Social Media Manager Adventures of a London Kiwi

Best Cats of London

She always featured in any of my paid collaborations as an Easter Egg that delighted people – and was asked to appear in some incredibly fun skits as well.

Coronavirus Adventures of a London Kiwi
We always laughed that she did as much activity as an actual biscuit, never really helping with the household chores – just project managing or rolling in at the end of the job to make it was done to standard. She, however, brought joy to all kinds of people around the world, and that’s a pretty big job in itself.

Our family & friends couldn’t have been kinder to us in our grief, because losing a little furry member of the family does cause heartache – but I’m also very concious of emotions during the pandemic so I’ve kept it fairly quiet. Her public was asking for an appearance so I felt like I should say something. And, afterall, this is a journal of my life and adventures – great and small. We miss her so and will treasure the time we had graced with her presence. 🐾

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