9 Ways to Send Hugs in Lockdown

As an expat who chose to live on the other side of the world, I’ve had to become creative in sending hugs to family and friends in different parts of the globe, operating on different time zones and crossing many international waters. I realised that these would be perfect when recalibrated to send hugs during lockdown as well. So, here are 9 ways to send hugs in lockdown – helpful in lieu of physically hanging out with your loved ones.

9 ways to send hugs in lockdown

Some of them cost nothing, bar a few minutes of creativity, some loop the uncertainty of sending stuff overseas at the moment and some are just pure moments of random niceness. Let’s be real here, some of them are pretty obvious – but I always love a reminder of these random acts of kindness – they always spur me on to do some.

It could be something as small as sending someone their favourite chocolate bar or a batch of brownies, or as large as a beautiful bouquet of their favourite flowers. You can go as big as your heart desires.

9 ways to send hugs in lockdown

Send them a hilarious meme

Go onto Google, type in meme, save it to your phone and send it to your mate. That’s it. That’s all you need to do – and even better if it’s not event related (like birthday, anniversary etc.) Bonus points if it’s related to a in-joke.

Make some online art

You don’t even need to be very creative. Think of it as hearkening back to your days of making Macaroni art. What’s the worst it can do than make someone smile?

Record a voicemail or a video just saying [why] you love them.

Honestly, you don’t know how much this means to a person – especially when it’s out of the blue for no reason other than you are thinking of them. Bonus: turn it into a chain reaction, and challenge them to do the same to 3 people that they love.

London Lamingtons

Send a reminder of a memory

Exactly like the Facebook timehops, just drop your friend a reminder of the last time you belly laughed. Bonus points for ordering a mug printed with the image… 

Support a charity they’re passionate about

From popping in a little donation, through to completing a challenge or lassoing your entire workplace into registering somewhere like DKMS – do something for a charity that’s close to the heart of someone you love.

Organise a surprise Zoom/call

Enough procrastinating. Get them on the blower. My friends and I have been video dinner parties – we have something delicious to eat, get dressed up and make sure that we have a delicious drink to hand. It’s been SO lovely.

Send them a card or a letter

I ADORE recieving snail mail – and my lovely lovely friend in Texas is the absolute queen of posting little moments of love – they’re hugs in the post that always, always brighten my day. 

Post them something via a small business on Etsy (or the like) that will mean something to them

I’ve been the recipient of some of the kindest 

Send a cake/bottle of wine/packet of crisps from a business local to them

Did you know that if you have a Deliveroo/Just Eats/Uber Eats/Slerp account that you can plug in an alternative address and get something delivered to them?

I don’t often ask this, but I truly believe that spreading the word about random acts of kindness can change the world – or at least our corner of it. Please share this post of 9 ways to send hugs in lockdown, write your own post or simply do your own favourite acts of kindness to spur people on to do the same.

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